Why Does Your Toilet Smell When You Flush It?

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Have you been experiencing a stench whenever you flush your toilet? To be clear, the smell being discussed here is not the one you experience after a greasy meal, but a sewer-like unpleasant odour which is there every time you flush your toilet. According to the best plumbers in Peachland, this should not be neglected and you must take it as a warning sign.

The stench means there is something wrong which needs to be fixed, the sooner the better. This blog will guide you through the checklist of most likely causes of this problem and how to fix the same. So, keep reading to learn all about the causes of this problem in detail as said by the best in class professional plumbers of Peachland.

Most Probable Causes As Per Peachland Plumbers

Here is the list of the reasons which might be causing this foul smell while flushing the toilet. The list is composed with the help of the best professionals only for you.

  • Broken seal at the base of the toilet, where the wax ring is fitted is the most common cause of foul smell. The seal not only holds the water but also any odor. Any damage to the seal makes the air and sewer odors trapped within the toilet and drain pipe come out with every flush. Enough damage over a period of time can lead to serious water damage.

Another sign that indicates breaking in the seal of the toilet is the rocking of the fixture when you take a seat. You should call the plumbing services in Peachland right away for replacement of the wax ring.

  • If your toilet is not used enough then also it can stink after every flush. That is why the toilet in the basement or such less frequently used spaces smell bad when you flush it after a while.

The water in the bowl evaporates when you do not use the toilet frequently enough. Without this water, the gases in the drain pipe comes out. The easiest way to prevent this from happening is to flush the toilets periodically, say, once a week.

  • According to the experts of plumbing in Peachland, blockages can also cause odd smell. Human wastes, hair and other objects, when flushed down, can create blockages within the pipe. Development of such clogging over time is a likely reason why you are smelling the foul smell of the drain pipe with each flush.

You should get the drain pipe and other pipes inspected from time to time. Checking for blockages and removing them whenever detected is very important. Beside giving off stench, clogging can also lead to toilet overflow and other mishaps.

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