Garbage Disposal Installation and Repair

Kelowna Garbage Disposals Services

Is your garbage disposal making loud noises and not working how it should? The blades could need replacement. We can assist you in resolving your garbage disposal headache. Reach us at (250) 801-0911 and we will dispatch a plumber the same day! Click here to access our online discounts and specials.

Garbage disposals have a big job. They are the only plumbing system you have that is designed to help you avoid drain blockages and obstructions by breaking up objects with force before they are washed down your pipes. Systems that carry so much responsibility are bound to malfunction and breakdown over time.

When this time comes, we can help you troubleshoot the problem and fix it without the hassle. It is important to be mindful of the signs when your garbage disposal needs attending to. If you suspect issues, contact 911 Plumbing Heating Drainage, LTD. to perform all of your Kelowna garbage disposal services.

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What are common garbage disposal problems & what are professional solutions?

There is a host of different garbage disposal problems one may experience. The severity of the problem and the cost of the repair depend on its root cause. Some common causes and professional remedies are:

  • The garbage disposal jams. It is common for disposals to jam when objects are tossed in. Foreign objects awkwardly landing on the masher plate generally cause the jam. To solve this problem, we will access a socket hole beneath the motor of your unit and clear the jam from the masher plate. There may be a more serious problem if the disposal jams often.
  • The unit does not turn on. There can be many reasons a disposal does not turn on. Most motors have an overload feature, which causes the motor to turn off when it gets too hot. Pressing the overload button to reset the motor can fix this.
  • The garbage disposal leaks. Leaks coming from the disposal system are also common. The easiest leak to fix will be one coming from the drain pipe, which can be fixed by replacing the rubber gasket. If the leak is coming from deeper in the system, it may need to be replaced.
  • The unit has a clog. If your drain has clogged because the disposal has failed to do its job, the problem will require the trap to be disassembled. Once a drain snake is used to clear the obstruction, we can inspect the water flow to the disposal to see what the root cause of the problem is.
  • Unit makes loud noises. If the system makes a grinding noise when it is turned on, the problem may be an object or a problem with the system itself. Loose mounting screws, worn out blades and bearings can also lead to vibrations that turn into loud sounds. The system may need tightened, greased, or completely replaced.

When should you repair vs. replace your disposal?

There comes a time when your disposal needs to be retired, and knowing when a replacement is better than a repair is important. If the malfunctioning system has been inspected for a jam or a system failure, and the repairs are far beyond just resetting the motor or removing a clog, it may be time for a new unit.

It is always best to install a new disposal when the cost of the new unit plus installation will be less than repairing the current model that needs to be retired.

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