Clogged Toilets

Handling Clogged Toilets Menace - 7 Things That No Plumber Wishes You Would Do to Your Toilet

Clogged toilets are a menace, and most of the times, homeowners are responsible for it. Despite knowing how things work and how to keep toilets clog-free, people seldom want to follow norms. Now, not knowing that the alleged flushable kitty litter wasn’t really flushable is utterly disappointing!

To help avoid clogged toilets, breakdowns or floods, plumbers always want to tell their customers what they should and should not do. There are some biggest blunders, otherwise avoidable, that can make things worse and call for an emergency. What are these? Let’s hear it from the horse’s mouth.

Mistake#1: Reaching Out for Chemicals

Whenever you sense clogged toilets, you would probably reach out to your Drano! Chemicals, however, rarely work to clear and open up drains. Not only are chemicals dangerous and harsh to handle, they can even ruin your drain pipes and equipments used for clearing the stoppage. To prevent any blockage, keep all notorious clogging agents like hair and grease out of the drains.

Mistake#2: Treating your Toilet Like a Trash Can

Even if product labels read “flushable”, do not toss personal cleaning wipes, feminine hygiene products, toilet scrubbers, cat litter or make-up remover pads into the toilet. The truth is, such products do not disintegrate fast enough and can cause blockage.

Mistake#3: Apply DIY Tips

Expert plumbers suggest that you should not even try to diagnose a plumbing problem in the first place, leave aside fixing it. Even calling for a local plumber is not wise. You should always depend on experienced plumbers with several years experience in their respective fields, as they can find and fix problems in a jiffy. Unlike an amateur, they have the needed equipment and tools to fix clogged toilets.

Mistake#4: Not Knowing Where Exactly is the Main Valve

How about that!! Not knowing where the main water valve is located can ruin your toilets during an emergency. When clogged toilets or drains affect your homes, closing the main valve can help prevent extensive damage. You have to know where the vessel is and how to turn it off. Ask your plumber to show it to you.

Mistake#5: Using Drop-in Toilet Fresheners

You have to ditch those unnecessary drop-in toilet fresheners. While the blue and green water in the toilet bowl might look good, it contains chemicals that can potentially damage your pipes and tanks. Plus, as such things start disintegrating; it gets stuck in the flush valve and prevents flushing.

Mistake#6: You Don’t Replace the Hoses

Before they burst, water hoses may not give you any warning. So, in order to prevent a potential flood, you need to change those rubber hoses on dishwashers and washing machines every 5 years. And, whenever you replace them, make sure you choose stainless steel on water lines.

Mistake#7: No Leak Protection

Well, if you don’t have a water leak protection system, it’s going to be messy anyways. Do not skimp on this. It would only cost you a few hundred dollars, but save you from an emergency. Choose a water leak protection system that comes with water shut-off and alarm.

Resource Box: Experienced plumbers can be your only rescue from clogged toilets. Reach for to get timely solutions.