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Kelowna Burst Pipe Services

A burst pipe is an emergency that requires immediate action. If you’re experiencing a burst pipe, call our team right away. Left untreated, this plumbing emergency could cause extensive damage to your home, and put a strain on your wallet. The best way to ensure this problem does not escalate is to call a plumbing company right away, at the first sight of a burst pipe in Kelowna.

Count on the plumbing experts from 911 Plumbing Heating Drainage Ltd. to take care of all of your Kelowna burst pipe services. Our skilful plumbers have extensive training and experience to efficiently resolve your burst pipe emergency. We will also provide you with helpful advice and preventative maintenance tips to ensure a similar issue does not happen again.

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What Causes Burst Pipes in Kelowna?

The most common cause of burst pipes is freezing due to cold weather. Metal pipes are especially susceptible to freezing. When frozen, ice causes the pipes to expand. This puts pressure on the pipe, and may cause it to burst—resulting in a water leak. Plumbing lines that are exposed to the cold, in garages, or next to exterior walls are more vulnerable to freezing and bursting. Insulated copper pipes in cold attics or on a flat roof will burst when temperatures drop to freezing.

Another common cause of burst pipes is age. Old or damaged pipes, especially near the joints, may burst when the seals become worn. As metal pipes corrode, the walls will weaken and eventually the structure will burst under the pressure of the water supply.

The type of material your home's pipes are made out of also impacts whether or not they may burst under pressure. Rusted galvanized piping could burst at any time because of deteriorated pipe walls. Polybutylene (PB) lines, made of plastic, react to chlorine in the water supply. This reaction weakens the pipe wall and will eventually cause it to burst. Polybutylene was used in home construction between 1978 and 1998, after which it was discontinued. Should your home have been built during this time, it's worthwhile hiring an experienced plumber to take a look at your lines, as they may need replacing. 

Nature will also take a toll on your plumbing system. Pipes that are underground, particularly your sewer system, may burst if minuscule cracks have enabled tree roots to infiltrate the pipe. Over time, the roots will grow until they fill the entire pipe. This could cause a wide range of problems, from clogging your sewer line to breaking the pipe entirely. Rodents chewing on your plumbing system when seeking a water source could cause weak spots that tree roots can get into.

Additionally, even tiny earthquakes cause wear and tear on underground pipes. The tremors may put a strain on the pipes.  Because of this, pipes could easily burst—resulting in serious water damage and possibly flooding your home. 

What are the Signs of a Burst Pipe?

Aside from your home flooding rapidly because of a leak, sometimes the signs that you have a burst pipe are much more subtle. It's possible for damaged pipes to leak behind walls and under floors without you realizing—until it's too late. That's why it's helpful for Kelowna homeowners to recognize the red flags of a busted water pipe. Should you notice any of the following in your home, give one of our expert Kelowna plumbers a call at (250) 801-0911.  

1. Fluctuating Water Pressure

Have you noticed your shower doesn't seem to have the same water pressure that it used to? Leaking and burst pipes cause strange issues with water pressure. It may sometimes feel like no water is coming out of your faucets at all, whereas other times the blast of water feels much too high.

2. Discoloured, Smelly Water

If a pipe has burst in the ground, it's possible that dirt and other contaminants may infiltrate it. Also, corrosion—a common cause of burst pipes—can cause rust particles to get into your water supply.  

Lastly, if your water smells like rotten eggs it's possible sewage has gotten into your water supply. Leaking sewage could cause serious health problems for you and your family.

3. Strange Noises in the Walls

Many Kelowna homeowners think that clanging, dripping, and banging noises in their walls is normal. This is not the case. If you can hear water dripping in the walls, it's usually a sign a pipe has burst somewhere. This sound will be different than the usual flushing or "whooshing" noise that happens when someone flushes the toilet or turns on a shower.

4. Issues with Mould

Excess moisture from a burst pipe could cause serious damage in your home, including issues with mould and wood rot. If your home smells musty, or you notice excess mould and mildew, then it's a good sign you should call a plumbing expert to diagnose and assess the problem.

5. Puddles Under Sinks and Fixtures

A burst pipe often results in puddles near the leaking area. This is particularly common under sinks and other plumbing fixtures, like your bathtub or toilet. If you notice standing water anywhere in your home, it's important to call an emergency plumber right away.

6. High Water Bills

Have you noticed your water bill spike suddenly, even though you haven't changed your water-use habits? It might be a sign of a burst pipe. A good way to double check is to look at your water meter—which is usually located outside your house. If the meter is fluctuating wildly, it's further proof of a burst pipe.

7. Water Stains

A telltale sign of water leaking is stains along your walls. Since most pipes run behind walls, if they are leaking or burst you'll start to see signs of damage on the wall. Over time, the wall may start to become damp or squishy.

How Can You Avoid this Emergency?

Burst pipes in Kelowna can cause serious damage and huge recovery costs, and anything you can do to prevent them is in your best interest. Since a burst pipe in Kelowna is usually the end result of a long process of deterioration, early detection and plumbing maintenance is the best way to avoid a catastrophe.

One of the best ways to protect pipes from freezing is to make sure that the warmth in your house can reach them. For instance, leaving the cabinet doors under the sink open will allow warm air to reach your plumbing system. In areas where pipes are exposed to the cold, such as the basement or next to exterior walls, they can be protected with insulated sleeves. Another solution is to apply electric heat tape around pipes that are more prone to freezing.

When the temperature in Kelowna is low enough to pose a threat of frozen pipes, you can open several taps around the house, both hot and cold, and let the water drip. Flowing water will not freeze, so this in turn helps prevent burst pipes due to sub-zero temperatures.

Furthermore, if you're planning on taking a vacation to warmer climates during the freezing Kelowna winter, it's important to leave your home heated while you are away.

The safest solution to prevent burst pipes is to have a plumbing professional regularly inspect your home, both inside and outside. This process will detect potential problems and provide a full report on the status of the plumbing and heating system in your house. You will know what risks may be affecting the systems, and what measures will reduce those risks.

How Do Professionals Repair Burst Pipes in Kelowna?

At 911 Plumbing Heating Drainage Ltd., our professionals use the most cutting edge, modern tools, and techniques to find burst pipes and efficiently complete any necessary repairs. When it comes to frozen pipes that have busted, the first step is to defrost the pipe. Then, if the damage is small, it can be repaired with compounds that seal the pipe.

Bigger cracks will require pipe replacements. Our expert Kelowna plumbers know the correct piping to be used, and the best process to secure new piping to any undamaged pipes. After completing the repairs, the entire plumbing system will be tested. If we spot any other issues, our team will complete these repairs as well. Additionally, we can insulate your pipes or reroute exposed pipes to prevent future problems.

Frequently Asked Questions About Burst Pipes in Kelowna:

Do you have questions about burst pipes in Kelowna, or our pipe repair services? We invite you to take a look and see if we answer them here. If not, feel free to call our professional team any time at (250) 801-0911.

Is a Burst Water Pipe Covered by Insurance?

While your insurance providers are the best people to call to answer this question in greater detail, usually burst pipes are covered by homeowners' insurance if the damage is sudden and accidental. However, if the problem was caused by lack of adequate maintenance, it's unlikely homeowners' insurance will offer any coverage.

What Should I Do if a Pipe Bursts in Kelowna?

If a pipe bursts and is flooding your home, it can be a very alarming feeling. Yet, by calmly following these steps you can help get the damage under control and ensure your family's safety. 

  1. Immediately shut off your electricity. Water and electricity do not mix, and you risk yourself or a loved one getting electrocuted if you don't promptly turn your power off. If you have safe access, this can be done by turning off your breaker box. However, if there is water between you and the breaker, you should call your energy provider to turn the electricity off remotely. 
  2. Turn off your water supply. The gushing water will only continue to empty into your Kelowna home unless you turn it off at the source. Usually, your water shutoff valve is located either beside your water tank in the basement, or outside next to the water meter.
  3. Open all remaining faucets. By opening faucets after the water shutoff valve is turned off, you let any remaining pressure on the plumbing system release.
  4. Call the experts at 911 Plumbing Heating Drainage LTD. Once the immediate emergencies have been dealt with, now it's time to call in the experts to fix your busted pipe.

Do Burst Pipes Happen in Warm Weather?

Yes. While pipes that have burst because they were frozen can only occur in sub-zero temperatures, other issues like corrosion, age or even clogged pipes can lead to leaks year-round. The best way to prevent a burst pipe is through routine maintenance and inspections. This is especially important if your home is more than 10-years-old.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix Burst Pipes in Kelowna?

The cost of repairing or replacing damaged pipes varies according to a few different factors, such as the level of damage, where the pipe is, and whether or not it can be repaired or needs to be replaced. Thus, to ascertain how much your pipe repair job will be, it's best to give one of our helpful staff a call. We'll be able to give you a better idea of what the repair will cost once we know more details about your unique problem.

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