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Water filtration systems in your home are the most important part of living a healthy lifestyle. Clean water can change the way your family lives, but you must install a filtration system in your home that is going to provide you with clean water at all times. The different types of systems will change the way your water tastes, but you must choose the form of installation that makes the most sense for your family and home.

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What are the different types of water filtration systems?

Carbon Filtering

The carbon filtering systems use charcoal pellets inside a small capsule. The water that comes into the house or up to the spigot will pass through this carbon capsule. The carbon capsule purifies the water as the water molecules are raked over the charcoal beads.

These filtration systems are similar to what is used in water filtration pitchers that you may keep in the house. Also, it is very easy to install this water filtration system under sink or behind showerheads in the house. You can put the filter underneath the sink or spigot that needs it the most, but you can have a much larger filter installed where the water enters your house.

Osmosis Filtering

An osmosis filtering system uses a filter that traps impurities in the water as the water passes through the filter. The carbon filtering system holds impurities near the carbon molecules, but an osmosis system holds impurities behind the filter. An osmosis filter will slide in and out of the system easily, and they easy to store prior to their use.

What about their filters?

Changing each filter is a requirement of use. Filters are designed to last for certain amounts of time, and you should follow the packaging guidelines for the filter you have purchased. Osmosis filters tend to last longer because the filter can trap many impurities without breaking down. The charcoal pellets in your carbon capture system will become saturated much more quickly.

How much do these systems cost?

Charcoal systems tend to be less expensive, but you will need to replace the filters more often. An osmosis system tends to be more expensive, but you will find that you are replacing the filters much less frequently. You have to balance the cost of the system with the complexity of it before you decide on which system to install in your home.

Our professional plumbers can install your water filtration system wherever you want in the house. You may prefer one large system in the basement, but you might only need a filter under your kitchen and bathroom sinks. Make the choice that works for your budget and your home. Each system serves families differently, and you must consult a professional plumber before you spend your money on such a system.

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