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Kelowna Water Leak Detection Services

Do you hear running water despite your faucet being turned off? You may have a leak.  Don’t wait for the problem to get worse—which could cause serious damage to your property. Instead, call your local plumbing company. Our team of Kelowna leak detection experts is available 24/7—call us at (250) 801-0911 for our repair services, and check out our website to access our online discounts and specials!

Water leak detection specialist serving Kelowna BC

At 911 Plumbing Heating Drainage, LTD., we use innovative water leak detection technology to identify and locate hidden damage for residential and commercial Kelowna property owners. If you have sprung a leak, and it is hidden, we can help you find its tough-to-reach location without draining or depressurizing your water system. This lessens any inconvenience to your daily routine and ensures we can fix the problem quickly and efficiently. Before we accurately pinpoint the location of potential issues on your property, it is important to understand the basic causes of water leaks, the different types, and how to spot them. This will help you be proactive about finding and fixing damage in the future. Water damage can take a serious toll on your home, and often leaks can be difficult to spot as most of your plumbing system is in the walls and ceiling of your Kelowna home. That's where our team's pro leak detection services come in. The minute you start worrying you have an issue, call us right away. Time truly is of the essence when it comes to both residential and commercial leak detection. The sooner that problem is found, the better we can protect your home from serious damage. When you book one of our expert plumbers for leak detection service, you can trust that he or she will answer all of your questions and concerns. We are committed to leaving you 100% satisfied with our services, so we'll take our time to ensure you're confident with our completed repair, are equipped with relevant tips to prevent the issue from happening again and that you ultimately feel safe in your home. Trust us to handle all of your Kelowna water leak detection services today.

What Are Some Causes of Hidden Water Leaks?

While some types of water leaks are unique or unusual—trust us, we've seen it all—there are four very common reasons why drainage develops. Usually, hidden issues require professional detection service and repairs, but it's up to you to familiarize yourself with the problem, so you know when to call the detection service professionals at 911 Plumbing Heating Drainage Ltd.
  • Shifting of pipes caused by deterioration. This is a difficult type of problem to detect because it might be located in piping joints. Shifting in your plumbing system happens when your home's foundation shifts with time. This is often a natural process, but it can lead to cracks and crevices that cause the piping to separate. These issues generally happen under the foundation of your home.
  • Drainage pan overflow. When a plumbing system deals with condensation, it has an overflow pan that holds the wastewater. If the pan is not supervised and overflows, it can lead to a water leak.
  • Roots in your plumbing. Tree roots growing around your plumbing system may be attracted to your pipes when they develop small cracks. The smallest root can creep into tiny cracks, and once there it will continue to grow—infiltrating your plumbing system causing a larger external leak. This repair can be costly, resulting in clogged drains that flood your yard or basement and possibly raise your water bills. It's very common for tree roots to clog sewer lines, which results in issues that are very messy and costly to clean up.
  • Pipe corrosion. Over time, your pipes may begin to corrode. This could be due to high oxidation levels, harmful chemicals being repeatedly poured down your system, or because you haven't been properly maintaining your plumbing system. As the pipe corrodes, its material will wear down until its walls develop cracks and holes.

What Are the Signs I Need Leak Detection Service?

It can be difficult to spot hidden leakage, yet there are a few warning signs that savvy Kelowna homeowners should familiarize themselves with. At 911 Plumbing Heating Drainage Ltd., we want to help save you as much time, money, and trouble as possible—and part of that is ensuring you know what red flags to watch for before deciding to hire our leak detection services.

Common Warning Signs

  • Sudden spike in your energy bill. Pipe damage is expensive, for many reasons. Rather than staying safely in your pipe until used, a leak means water is always leaving the pipe. This means you're using more water, and subsequently, wasting money on monthly bills.
  • Low water pressure. If you have even a tiny hole in your supply line, then some of the water that should be going toward your sink or shower is likely getting diverted. If your water pressure is suddenly much lower than usual, leak detection might provide an explanation.
  • Brown or yellow stains on your walls and/or ceiling. Water stains appear when surfaces that shouldn’t have gotten wet, somehow do. If it's on the ceiling below your roof, that could mean your roof has a leak—which is a different problem entirely. But if it's on the walls or the ceiling of your first floor, then it's possible you have a plumbing leak.
  • The sound of drips. This is a tell-tale sign that you need leak detection service. If you hear dripping but can’t see it, there could be hidden damage causing problems behind your walls.
  • Leaking P-traps. The P-trap is the section of pipe under your sinks that looks like the letter "P."  It's common for leaks to develop here. Look for condensation on the pipe or warping in your bathroom and kitchen cabinets.
  • Overactive water metres. Excessive water usage is a red flag. Check this by turning off all your appliances and ensure no one in your household is using water. Locate your water metre—usually they're located on the side of your home. If the dial is spinning, it means you have a leak somewhere.

What are Professional Leak Detection Techniques?

There is no single technique that’s used for leak detection service. Rather, our team employs a variety of methods to find and promptly repair a range of problems. Depending on the cause, the location, and the size of a leak, we will typically use one of three innovative leak detection techniques.

The Most Effective Water Leak Detector Services Are:

  • Camera inspections. This tool is becoming an increasingly common leak detection method. It requires snaking a camera inside the pipes to find hidden issues that cannot be seen by the naked eye.
  • Thermal leak detection/thermal imaging. There is plenty of leak detection equipment that can be used to narrow down the area of a leak without any type of demolition. Thermal detection equipment can find hidden leakage around doors, ducts, walls, and pipes by spotting changes in surface temperatures.
  • Ground mic/sensor technique. If the problem is a broken pipe, an ultra-sensitive sensor can be used for leak detection service. It works by picking up the vibrations that are caused by the damaged pipe.

How Can I Avoid Needing Leak Detection in the Future?

Repairing the root cause of a plumbing issue can be expensive. We know what an investment it is to repair damage to your plumbing system, so we do our best to help our clients avoid damage at every turn. If you’ve had to get leak detection service in the past, you know how important taking preventative measures can be! The key to avoiding leak detection service in the future is to have your pipes frequently inspected and maintained by a professional plumber. If you hire a plumber to take care of your drain cleaning, then you’re ahead of the game in countering pipe damage that can lead to hidden—and expensive—leaks. Be proactive in maintaining your system and give us a call for service when you encounter any of the following problems below.

Signs You Need Drain Cleaning Service

  • Slow draining or clogged sinks, showers, and bathtubs
  • Gurgling in your drains and toilet
  • Bubbling in your toilet
  • Odd noises in your pipes, such as rattling
  • Foul odours, such as rotting food or sewage
  • Fruit flies around your drains

What are the Dangers of Leaking Pipes?

Timely leak detection is important because even mildly damaged pipes cause a significant amount of additional damage if they are not repaired. Not only will your utility bill go up, but we’ve also seen instances where damaged pipes have caused the foundation of a home to shift drastically because the water has caused the soil to settle. Prompt detection services could prevent those catastrophes. Within your home, a small leak could turn into a large problem very quickly. That complication could lead to damage inside your home to areas such as damage to walls, flooring, and other home systems–possibly causing you to require drywall repair or installation services. Not to mention, water damage leads to issues with mold, mildew, and wood rot—which is even more difficult to get rid of and is very costly to repair. Effective early detection service will save you from those unfortunate complications. Furthermore, problems caused by slow drainage are not usually covered by your insurance because they're considered an issue that could have been solved by proactively maintaining your plumbing system, with something like professional detection service. This is considered part of being a responsible homeowner, so insurance companies are not likely to help you out if you’ve failed to get timely detection services for a preventable problem. Suffice it to say, ignoring the signs of a hidden leak is dangerous and can impact your health, safety, and financial security.

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Don’t let leaks wreak havoc in your life. If you notice the signs of a leak or are worried you may have a leak deep within your Kelowna home's plumbing system, then give our leak detection company a call right away. By nipping damaging leaks in the bud with professional detection service, you can save yourself time, money, and stress. Our local plumbing company offers innovative leak detection and repair solutions that will minimally disrupt your daily life. If you suspect a leak, call us at (250) 801-0911 or contact us online, and we will dispatch a service technician out to you immediately.