Water Leak Detection

Kelowna Water Leak Detection Services

Do you hear running water despite your faucet being turned off? You may have a leak. We are the experts in water leak detection. Don’t wait for your leak to worsen. We are available 24/7; call us at (250) 801-0911. Click here to access our online discounts and specials.

At 911 Plumbing Heating Drainage, LTD., we use innovative water leak detection technology to identify and locate leaks for residential and commercial Kelowna property owners. If you have sprung a leak and it is hidden, we can help you find its awkward location without needing to drain or depressurize your water system.

Before we accurately pinpoint the location of water leaks on your property, it is important to understand water leaks and how to spot them. Our trusted professionals can answer to all of your questions and concerns. We are committed to leaving you 100% satisfied with our services. Trust us to handle all of your Kelowna water leak detection services today.

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What are some causes of hidden water leaks?

Understanding the cause of your water leak can help you identify the root of the problem so that you can fix it. While some leaks are unique, there are three very common causes that may or may not require professional attention. The three causes you should familiarize yourself with include:

  • Shifting of pipes caused by deterioration. This is a difficult type of leak to detect because the leak may be in piping joints. Shifting happens when your foundation shifts with time,which can lead to cracks and crevices that cause the piping to separate. These leaks generally happen under the foundation of your home.
  • Drainage pan overflow. When a system deals with condensation, it has an overflow pan that holds the wastewater. If the pan is not supervised and overflows, it can lead to a water leak.
  • Roots in your plumbing. Tree roots growing around your pipes may be attracted to your pipes when they spring small leaks. As the root grows, it will make its way into your pipes, causing a larger external leak. This can be costly and can raise your water bills.

What are professional leak detection techniques?

There is not a single technique that can be used to locate all leaks. Depending on the cause and the location of the leak, we will typically use one of three innovative detection techniques.

The most effective techniques are:

  • Camera inspections. This method requires snaking a camera to go inside of the pipes to find hidden leaks that cannot be seen by the naked eye.
  • Thermal leak detection. There is plenty of leak localizing equipment that can be used to narrow down the area of a leak without any type of demolition. Thermal detection equipment can find hidden leaks around doors, ducts, walls, and pipes by spotting changes in surface temperatures.
  • Ground mic. If the problem is a broken pipe, an ultra-sensitive probe can be used to to pick up the vibrations that are caused by the pipe and find its location.

How can you avoid leaks in the future?

Repairing the root cause of a water leak can be expensive; we believe that we should help our clients avoid damage at every turn. If you have experienced a water leak, you know how important taking preventative measures can be.

The key to preventing leaks in the future is to have your pipes frequently inspected and maintained. By looking for signs that you need a drain cleaning, you can schedule your service and prevent pipe damage that leads to hidden leaks. Being proactive is the key to saving money.

What are the dangers of leaking pipes?

Leaking pipes can cause a significant amount of damage if they are not repaired. Not only will your utility bills go up, we have seen instances where leaking pipes have caused the foundation of a home to shift because the water has caused the soil to settle.

A small leak can turn into a large leak, which can lead to damages inside of your walls, flooring, and other home systems. Many times, slow water leaks are not covered by your insurance. This is the danger of ignoring the signs of a hidden leak.

Don’t let water leaks wreak havoc in your life. If you suspect a leak, call us today at (250) 801-0911 and we will dispatch a tech out to you immediately.