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Kelowna Bathroom Remodelling Services

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Bathroom remodelling is one of the most common home improvement projects. We have found that this project is one that can add considerable value to the home and make a statement on the homeowner’s personality with a small amount of labour compared to other parts of the home. However, there are a few things to consider during a remodelling project.

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What are common plumbing issues with remodelling?

Bathroom plumbing can range from moderate replacement to more complex rerouting of pipe. Copper, cast iron, and PEX piping all have different requirements and applications in the bathroom depending on the age of the home.

Other issues include proper sealing of toilet and tub installation. Toilets are usually sealed with a rubber gasket or wax ring to prevent the escape of wastewater. Older homes may have a flange deeply embedded in the subfloor. This requires some additional extensions. We recommend assessing the date of the home and fixtures to determine what may need to be done ahead of time.

What codes should be considered?

There are also space requirements to be aware of with toilets and bathtubs. We’ve found that it is beneficial to measure ahead of time the space between existing fixtures to determine what might need to be moved if wall cavities are opened up. Rerouting of plumbing and wiring may be necessary to accommodate newer fixtures.

Newer codes require plates to prevent nails from infiltrating plumbing pipes and wiring. Our plumbers are extensively knowledgeable in existing remodelling codes and always remain up to date with new codes. We may assist you in formulating a favourable plan before commencing any work.

When should you replace your tub?

A homeowner may decide to replace their tub for aesthetic purposes; however, consider the following reasons when a replacement is necessary.

  • Tub leaks: Over time, bathroom fixture leaks are common. Some of the most common signs of leaking are staining around grout lines and water stain spots on the ceiling if the bathroom is upstairs. Another common leak is a damaged overflow pipe that can damage adjoining walls.
  • Space and application changes: Bathroom renovations may include the addition of a jetted tub or different style of tub. It’s time to replace that tub if the dimensions are different from existing plumbing.
  • Heavy cracking and tarnishing: Hard water stains and spotting occur in all tubs over time. As tubs age, there can also be cracking in the outside fiberglass material.

When should you replace your shower?

Likewise to a tub, a shower is commonly replaced for remodelling or aesthetic purposes. Consider the following signs to determine if a replacement is necessary.

  • Outdated shower wall surface: Older tiled shower walls may include a substrate that is not as moisture resistant as newer cement board or backer boards. We have seen many tiles become loose or cracked from moisture infiltrating grout and becoming absorbed in the substrate below.
  • Leaking diverter plumbing: A damaged shower diverter can make it impossible to change from bath to shower. We recommend replacing the shower if worn out plumbing makes it difficult to control combination baths.
  • Space requirements: Smaller single shower stalls may have to be removed during renovation. Some of the more popular replacements we have seen is a larger shower unit or a combination tub and shower unit with larger dimensions for ease of entry. Measuring dedicated space is the best way to find out if a replacement is needed in the future.

The proper installation of plumbing and fixture placement is important for both safety and aesthetics. Contact us at (250) 801-0911 to schedule a consultation.