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Your kitchen or bath has a sink that gets used multiple times in a day. Even if you try your best to avoid plumbing issues, they can pop up at virtually any time. It is important that when you do notice these problems, you contact our experts at 911 Plumbing Heating Drainage, LTD. to fix the issues for you. Dealing with a leaking fixture or sink can turn into a nightmare if it is not repaired as soon as possible. Count on us to perform all of your Kelowna faucet, fixtures and sinks services today.

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How can hard water affect the quality of your faucet?

Hard water contains a number of minerals and molecules that can put a huge strain on your home’s plumbing. The reason for this is due to the calcium within the water. Calcium can create buildup on fixtures and actually block the water flow from getting out of the sink.

Furthermore, hard water has a tendency to rust metal fixtures and even put rust stains on the sink itself. This is all due to the minerals that are found within the water. Most homes have hard water, so these issues are all too common for many homeowners.

When is it necessary to replace your faucet?

If you are noticing that the water pressure coming out of the fixture is very low, this could be a sign that the fixture itself has been corroded from hard water problems. Also, if the faucet constantly leaks or drips, it may be time to change it out for something brand new.

When is it necessary to replace your sink?

Any sink in the home that is cracked should be replaced immediately. Cracked porcelain sinks can cause leaking and flooding issues within the bathroom. This water can seep down into the floorboards of the room, causing massive damage to the wood supporting the beams.

If your sink is very old and outdated, it might also be a good idea to switch it out for something that better complements your home’s style.

What are easy ways to avoid faucet leaks?

The first tip for avoiding a faucet leak would be to always turn the handles for the hot and cold water gently. You do not want to tug or pull on these handles because it could loosen the faucet from its base.

The second tip for avoiding faucet leaks would be to regularly look underneath the sink for any issues. Many people think that their sinks are working fine, but there may be a small or even major leak underneath the sink area that goes undetected. Checking your sink area often will eliminate a problem from getting worse.

The third and final tip for avoiding a faucet leak within the home is to make sure that the faucet itself was installed by a professional. Installing a fixture on your own might seem like a good idea, but this is often how many faucet leaks begin with time.

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