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How to Maintain Hassle-Free Performance of Your Water Heater?

January 8th, 2021 by

You are using a water heater at your home without even thinking whether it’s functioning correctly. But this should be your concern to check its operation on time to avoid major issues. When it stops suddenly, we fail to realize that it has not been maintained in recent times. But it requires timely repair from a reliable plumber who can offer suitable help.

When living in areas like West Kelowna, West Bank Kelowna, and others, you are sure to come across plenty of them, and one of them is 911 plumbing. Its years of expertise in the field help prevent emergencies and routine maintenance from functioning correctly. Some maintenance tips can help you better, but you need to hire the right team for the desired results and services.

Try to Flush Water Regularly 

Regular maintenance can prevent sediment collection at the base of the heater as it may result in corrosion and reduce the efficiency of heating water. This is a task for which hiring a plumbing service can be beneficial. If it malfunctions during odd hours, switch off its power to avoid any major issues. Following this, you should try to hire the plumbing service at the earliest.

Importance of Water Pipe Insulation 

It is necessary to insulate the water pipes and install durable and quality ones to reduce energy costs. When the inner temperature of the heater is perfect, it will function properly. This requires timely pipe insulation and its annual examination for hassle-free functioning. So, to avoid any unforeseen issues, get plumbing repair frequently.

In addition to this, insulate the main tank and try to maintain fuel sources properly. It also prevents condensation during winters and helps in proper functioning. It is better for professional touch in work to hire the correct team who has correct knowledge for plumbing work. If you have any query, it is better to discuss them with the team and solve it.

What to Include in Annual Inspection?

The annual inspection is necessary to help the water heater function smoothly. It should include checking leaks, corrosion, rod replacement, burner assembly, and replacing the exhaust and others. The technician should have the correct knowledge of checking the water heater before they can diagnose the heater’s actual problem. So, it requires hiring a suitable team that can deliver better service.

Wrapping it up 

To hire an expert team of Kelowna plumbers in Peachland and Kelowna areas, it is our experienced and trained team to cater to your requirements. The team has the correct expertise to check the rods and valves, and it should be free from debris and rust. This will help the machine function correctly and heat water correctly.

Also, check the temperature of the water heater and ensure that it is functioning correctly. If not, you have to check it properly before you operate the heater. So, regular maintenance can prevent malfunctioning of the heater incurring unexpected expenses.  For repairing, maintenance, and replacement service, our team can ensure professional tips and guidance.

Common Signs of Damaged Water Line

December 11th, 2020 by

Drain waste system and water supply system are the two major systems of the plumbing system of a house. The mainline is the key pipe that brings water from the public water supply to your home. In case anything damages the part of the water supply system, it could lead to numerous problems like high water bills, contaminated water, etc. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to water line repair. Here are a few warning signs that should not ignore

  • High Water Bill

In case there are no visible signs of an issue, the water bill could help find the trouble. If you encounter a rise in the water bills, you do not require any reasonable explanation for this. It often means that there could be a leak in the house. You would require a plumber who detects the source of the problem.


  • Wet Spots on Ceilings, Walls, or Floors

Bubbling patches on the ceilings or walls as well as damp floors are the signs that indicate hidden leaks. In case the leak is in the foundation, you might see water leaking through the basement’s walls or floors. It is advised to turn off the supply of water to your home. This would prevent from worsening the problem. Ensure you call a plumber in Kelowna for fixing the problem.


  • Sinkholes or Potholes

The main water supply of your home might run below the sidewalk or a driveway. In case there is an unground leak in mains, it could the soil under the pavement unstable as well as soggy.


  • Low Water Pressure

In case you encounter low water pressure from one plumbing fixture, there might be an issue in that fixture. However, in case there is low water pressure throughout the home, then there is a leak in the main water line or other supply lines. You would need to hire an expert for a plumbing emergency.


  • Water Pooling in Yard

In case you notice lush grass patches or a pool of water in the yard, this is a warning sign. When the soil gets too much water, the plants cannot absorb it and forms a puddle. The excessive water in the lawn could be from the mains. In case the main water line of your house starts leaking, water would seep into the soil around the yard. If you encounter excessive water in the yard, then there is a leak in the mainline.


  • Pest Problem

Pests love humidity and moisture. In case you notice pests gathering in your house, it might be due to water leakage. When the water main leaks, the water tends to collect somewhere. All the water leaking from the mainline might pool around the foundation, seep into the ground, or form puddles. Whenever the water collects in humid areas, the pests find that and begin to use that.

Apart from these, if you hear sounds like constant dripping, running water, or a babbling brook, there is a hidden like somewhere. You would need an expert who can identify the leaks in the waterline. If you wish to hire dependable plumbing services in Kelowna, 911 Plumbing Heating Drainage, LTD is a perfect choice. We have experienced and trained technicians who serve vast areas including Kelowna, West Kelowna, West Bank Kelowna and Peachland. They would provide long term solutions and leave the area as neat as possible.

Top 3 Reasons Of Your Sewer Line Damage

October 27th, 2020 by

Your sewer line can be damaged by various reasons. In fact, sewage problems are reasonably the worst ones to deal with. Sewer line problems and damages are expensive and quite gross to handle. That is why you should know exactly which factors are responsible for sewer damage. Read what the expert plumbers in Kelowna have to say about it. This blog is sure to help you gain knowledge of the facts and assist you in prevention of any further damage to the sewer lines.

Some of the key reasons of harm to your sewer and how to tackle them in future are discussed below. Learn them by heart to avoid unnecessary mishaps and extra expenditure. Keep reading to learn more.

The Top Four Reasons as Said By Kelowna Plumbers

Understanding of the most common culprits responsible for sewer damage can save you from a lot of future headaches and turmoil. Let us go through three of the most common causes of sewage and sewer line damage.

Tree Roots

Tree roots can grow a lot inside the ground. Annoying outgrowth of tree roots reaching up to your sewer pipes can cause a lot of damage. This is the most common factor since tree roots are attracted to the fertilizers present in the sewage water. This is the reason they can cause a lot of trouble to your home plumbing once they reach into the sewage system.

Even if your yard does not have any trees, it can be your neighbor’s tree roots reaching far into your sewer lines within the ground. Negligent attitude can make your home plumbing vulnerable and possibly wreak havoc in the system. It is advisable to call in a professional plumber in Kelowna once in a while to check and make sure everything is in order.

Physical Obstructions

Most of the time people ignore the basic protocols of plumbing and end up dumping a lot of unwanted stuff like paper towels, sanitary products, hair and cooking grease in the drains. Treating your home plumbing as a waste disposal unit can cost you dearly. Unwanted materials in the drainage can cause clogging and lead to further damage and related problems. Kelowna plumbers advise to take extra care and ensure nothing other than human waste and water are drained as they can back up and create a wet mess all over your place.


Rodents can also make a mess out of your sewage system. They typically loosen the joints of the sewer lines and make them open up. This affects their functionality and problems begin to rise. The most effective way to deal with this problem is a combined effort of pest control and professional plumbing services in Kelowna.

These are the most probable causes of sewer damage. But there are still other possibilities. It is best to appoint an expert to detect the actual causes of your problem and fix it accordingly.

Call Us For Any Plumbing or Heating Related Issue

We at 911 Plumbing and Heating are solely dedicated to provide superior quality plumbing services in Kelowna and Peachland. In case you have any query or require professional help, just give us a call. We promise best-in-class services, that too within your affordability.

How To Protect Your Plumbing From Hair?

October 27th, 2020 by

If you take a closer look around the bathroom of your home, you will be able to see how much hair is present there all around the bathroom. Hair keep falling off naturally, more so while bathing. Besides that, shaving and trimming of facial and body hair also add to it. Considering all of these factors, it can be said that there is a lot of hair all around the bathroom. Though it may seem as something negligible, but any experienced plumber in West Bank Kelowna would say otherwise.

These hair accumulating over a period of time can cause serious damage to your home plumbing. The first problem it creates is clogging. All the drain openings are prone to clogging and blockage due to hair collecting there over a period of time. However, there are ways to prevent such problems. Keep reading this blog to learn how to deal with frustrating drain clogs.

Learn From The Pro Plumbers in West Bank Kelowna

The professional Plumbing services in West Bank Kelowna share the following details to help you out with this problem. Learn from them to equip yourself with the correct information.

Install Covers for the Drains

  • Top Drain Screen – Installation of top drain screen is quite easy and simple. Just buying the top drain screen of appropriate size and placing it over the drain does the job. You can get one of these from any hardware store. Place them on open shower and tubs to restrain hair. Go for mesh strainer to screen the open kitchen sinks.
  • Underneath Screen – You can also add screens under the drain covers you already have in place. Remove the existing covers and install the screens. You may need plumber’s putty for fastening the screens. Reinstall the covers and you are done. Get help from West Bank Kelowna plumbers for best quality installation works.

Protect your Showers and Sinks from Hair

A very small effort on a daily basis can help you ensure longevity of your home plumbing. Take some time and read the following points carefully. If you follow these guidelines regularly, your pipes and faucets would never be clogged with hair again.

  • Brush your hair for a minute or two before heading to the shower. Loose and unattached hair fall off by brushing so brushing them out of the shower means clean drain. For full measures, never let your drain openings uncovered, without a mesh or screen.
  • Lookout for any hair strands on the floor of your shower, surface of walls and bathtub. Gather and pile them and throw in the trash can, away from the shower drain. Loose hair cause most of the clogs and is a threat to your drainage system.
  • When you shave over the bathroom sink, hair is washed into the sink drain. Even if they are small, still you should not let them pile up in your sink drain. Run the water for a minute after shaving is over. This will ensure that hair follicles are washed out all the way.

Let Us Take Care Of Your Home Plumbing

911 Plumbing and Heating is here to take all-round care of your home plumbing, heating and installation works. Call us and schedule an appointment today. Optimal quality of work and reasonable charges make us your best plumbing choice in West Bank Kelowna and Peachland.

Why Does Your Toilet Smell When You Flush It?

October 27th, 2020 by

Have you been experiencing a stench whenever you flush your toilet? To be clear, the smell being discussed here is not the one you experience after a greasy meal, but a sewer-like unpleasant odour which is there every time you flush your toilet. According to the best plumbers in Peachland, this should not be neglected and you must take it as a warning sign.

The stench means there is something wrong which needs to be fixed, the sooner the better. This blog will guide you through the checklist of most likely causes of this problem and how to fix the same. So, keep reading to learn all about the causes of this problem in detail as said by the best in class professional plumbers of Peachland.

Most Probable Causes As Per Peachland Plumbers

Here is the list of the reasons which might be causing this foul smell while flushing the toilet. The list is composed with the help of the best professionals only for you.

  • Broken seal at the base of the toilet, where the wax ring is fitted is the most common cause of foul smell. The seal not only holds the water but also any odor. Any damage to the seal makes the air and sewer odors trapped within the toilet and drain pipe come out with every flush. Enough damage over a period of time can lead to serious water damage.

Another sign that indicates breaking in the seal of the toilet is the rocking of the fixture when you take a seat. You should call the plumbing services in Peachland right away for replacement of the wax ring.

  • If your toilet is not used enough then also it can stink after every flush. That is why the toilet in the basement or such less frequently used spaces smell bad when you flush it after a while.

The water in the bowl evaporates when you do not use the toilet frequently enough. Without this water, the gases in the drain pipe comes out. The easiest way to prevent this from happening is to flush the toilets periodically, say, once a week.

  • According to the experts of plumbing in Peachland, blockages can also cause odd smell. Human wastes, hair and other objects, when flushed down, can create blockages within the pipe. Development of such clogging over time is a likely reason why you are smelling the foul smell of the drain pipe with each flush.

You should get the drain pipe and other pipes inspected from time to time. Checking for blockages and removing them whenever detected is very important. Beside giving off stench, clogging can also lead to toilet overflow and other mishaps.

Call 911 Plumbing for All Kinds Of Plumbing And Heating Issues

911 Plumbing and Heating is a trusted name in the field of plumbing works in Peachland and Kelowna. We are known for our timely services, highly qualified hand picked technicians and professionalism. In case you notice bad smell while flushing or encounter any plumbing or heating related problems, give us a call right away. We promise maximum satisfaction at reasonable prices.

What To Do If Your Toilet Is Leaking?

October 27th, 2020 by

If you notice water on your bathroom floor, around or near the base of the toilet take it as a bad sign. Such a situation means that there is one (or more) leak in the toilet. The most probable spot of the leak is around your toilet’s base, where the fixture touches the ground. Whenever you encounter this situation, it is best to get help from the professional plumbing services in West Kelowna. If you ignore this, there is a high probability of your bathroom turning into an indoor swimming pool of filthy water. In this blog you will learn the most likely reasons of this problem.

The Reasons Of Toilet Leak As Said By The Best West Kelowna Plumbers

The best plumbing professionals of West Kelowna states the most probable reasons and techniques to identify and fix a toilet leak. Let us go through some of those reasons to draw a clearer picture for you. Keep reading to learn more.

Tee Bolts Getting Loose

If you notice carefully, you can see some plastic caps around the base of the toilet. These plastic caps cover the tee bolts which help to hold the toilet fixture firmly on the ground. If these bolts get loosened or broken, the seal around the base breaks open and leaks occur. Repositioning the toilet and making it centered and levelled can help it.

Ask the best plumbers in West Kelowna to tighten the bolts. If the bolts keep spinning freely or get broken, your plumber would need a replacement store and get the bolts replaced and cover them with bolts.

The Wax Ring Getting Damaged

If the tee bolts are checked, addressed and fixed but the issue still persists, then there may be some other factors in play. The next thing to check is the wax ring. It is the most probable culprit and needs to be replaced. The top plumber in West Kelowna says the following. Abide by these instructions for DIY repairing.

  • Purchase a new wax ring from your nearest store. Take a picture of your existing toilet base with you if possible. This would help the executive at the store to get you the perfect replacement, compatible with your toilet.
  • Prepare the toilet for replacement work. Begin with shutting down the water supply to the toilet through the water valve present behind the toilet. Once it is done, you should flush the toilet to remove the standing water as much as possible. If there is still some water leftover, unscrew the nut of the valve and drain the water in a bucket. Plunging the toilet for a few seconds can help you get rid of the remaining water at the base.
  • Unscrew the line supplying water to your toilet and remove the caps and tee bolts. Now you can move the toilet and remove the old wax ring. Clean the residue and install the new wax ring. After that, secure it using the tee bolts and reposition the toilet.
  • Turn on the valve and flush the toilet. Inspect closely for leaks.

Call 911 Plumbing For Professional Care

A leaky toilet can cause molding and increased water bills. Leaks must be fixed ASAP. For all kinds of repair, installation or maintenance works for your home plumbing, call us at 911 Plumbing Heating immediately for best experience within minimum price.

When Do You Need To Repipe Your Home Plumbing?

June 15th, 2020 by

The plumbing system running all through your house is comprised of several components connected and operating together. Though there are practically hundreds of essential parts that make up the entire system, the connection is created by the most important thing – pipes. Also, when you hear the word plumbing does not the image of pipes pop up in your head? Without properly functioning pipes, the plumbing can collapse causing a total breakdown.

As important pipes are, unfortunately, most people tend to take their well-being for granted. Many homeowners forget the fact that pipes would not last for as long as the house. Almost every home, at some point in time, feels the need for calling the plumbers for repiping.

They are similar to the veins running through the body as for your home plumbing, so you must lookout for the signs that tell you it is high time for repiping. Let us go through the points stated by the most efficient plumbers in Surrey to know more about when to go for repiping.

Age Of Your House

When looking into the main determining factors, the age of the house is one of the prominent ones. An old house built many years ago most likely contains out-dated materials for pipes, such as galvanized steel. Houses constructed later, after the 1970s may contain copper pipes or the ones made of corrosion-resistant materials such as CPVC or PEX.

Homes built prior to the time of World War II certainly used older piping materials like galvanized steel, cast iron or even clay. Such antique plumbing system means the house is prone to a lot of leakage and sufferings. In such a case, extensive repiping is necessary for the usage of the house in future. Though complete repiping is a big step in terms of investment, it is essential for up keeping of the house. The necessity of repiping is directly proportional to the age of your house.

Frequency Of Plumbing Problems At Your Home

If the age factor of the house is not a concern, take notes of the plumbing health of your home. Keep track of every time you had to call the plumbers in Surrey to fix an issue. Also, arrange for leakage checks once every few years. If hidden extensive leaks are discovered you would likely need repiping.

Professional Repiping Services

When you are looking for a repiping service,  always go for the best professionals. Avoid employing rookies as any mistake in this part can cost you a lot. We at 911 Plumbing and Heating have a team of experienced personnel and provide superior services, from a single pipe replacement to extensive repiping work. Call us today to know more.

What To Consider Before Bathroom Remodeling?

June 15th, 2020 by

The bathroom and the kitchen can add value to your home considerably. Not only that, but they are also effective in making a statement on the personality of the homeowner. When you are planning to get your bathroom remodeled, you should consider the various details, both minute, style-reflecting, and subtle technical issues.

A small amount of labour along with proper planning and considerations can make wonders in your bathroom. Let us walk through the suggestions by expert Surrey plumbers. The basic aspects to take care of while remodeling the bathroom and their impacts are listed below, give it a read to know more.

Functionality is The Heart Of Bathroom Remodeling

Aesthetic decorations do provide an overtone and set the environment of the bathroom, but when you are thinking of proper remodeling, your focus must be on the functionality. Learn some of the pro tips from the best plumbers to know the tricks for improvement of drainage, lighting, storage, and more such important technical factors.

  • Plumbing

Plumbing is the most important factor to consider before beginning with the bathroom renovation. Plumbing in residential establishments has to endure a lot of constant usage and pressure. The amount of hair and gunk and wastewater flowing through the pipes is surprisingly heavy. Thus, instead of using the standard one and a half-inch pipes, you can go for bigger, 2-inch pipes to ease the flow. The cost difference is nothing to become a bother if your framing allows for it.

If the winter in your area is freezing cold, consider avoiding to route the supply lines through walls in the exterior. This way you can protect them from dropping temperatures.

  • Cabinets

Cabinets form an important part of your bathroom. You can save some space over a shallow vanity. Moreover, this extra framing does not require a lot of investment. Alternatively, you can make the medicine cabinet protrude by 5 or 4 inches to have enough room at the vanity.

  • Lighting

Lighting can create just the impression you desire in your bathroom. Recessed light fixtures spread throughout your ceiling can brighten up space considerably. You can include a few in the shower as well with proper shower trim. To add aesthetic appeal, you can add a dimmer switch in there. Consider the position and the function of the bathroom mirror and install lights accordingly. This way you can make the best use of the bathroom.

  • Bathroom Window

This is a great feature for fresh air if done properly. Consider frosted glass for privacy and make sure the installation is water-tight. Get plastic handles to eliminate rust risk. Get a tilt-and-turn window for full privacy and usefulness.

These are only a few considerations among the many specified by Surrey plumbers. For a full-proof bathroom remodeling by the best plumbers of Surrey, get in touch with us at 911 Plumbing and Heating. We provide the best service within your affordability and guarantee complete satisfaction.


How to Select Among the Best Plumbing Companies in Surrey?

September 20th, 2016 by

If you are looking for best plumbers in Surrey, you need to make sure that the plumbing company provides 24×7 services on-call. A good company can save you a lot of trouble trying to manage that overflowing pipe. Plumbing emergencies are nightmarish and can go out of hand if not attended to immediately. It may not sound as bad as a fire emergency. However, you cannot overlook it, take it lightly, or let unlicensed plumbing company handle drainage or pipe related exigencies at your home.

These are a few features you must consider while selecting a company to look after all your plumbing, drainage and sewage maintenance needs.

Look For Experienced Plumbers in Surrey

Before you start checking on search engines, ask around for recommendations for good and experienced plumbing companies from your neighbors, builders, or friends and relatives. If you have recently shifted in a new locality or apartment, asking your builder would be a good option because building contractors deal with plumbing agencies on a routine basis. They know the most trustworthy companies and can get you best deal on the maintenance contract.

Alternatively, you could ask your neighbors who have been staying there for quite some time about a good plumbing company that caters to your neighborhood. Do ask for multiple recommendations and feedback for each of the companies. It is advisable to look for a plumbing service provider in your vicinity so that 24×7 help is easily and quickly available in case of crisis.

Check for Reviews and Ratings Online

Every district has an online directory of essential service providers. Similarly, you can find directory listings for best plumbers in Surrey. Look for companies in your neighborhood or in the vicinity and look them up individually to check their online reputation. Check different consumer forums for reviews and ratings provided to these companies.

Pay special attention to any negative feedback such as delay in arrival, over pricing, limited expertise and services or quick patch and cover repairs. Also check the profile of a couple of users who have reviewed favorably just to make sure that these reviews are by real users, and are not paid reviews.

This might sound cumbersome, but once you have contracted a good plumber in Surrey to look after your drainage issues, there’d be no further hassles and prolonged plumbing problems in your house.

Check If the Plumber is Licensed

Just as car and bus drivers have a license from a registered authority, plumbers also undergo licensing tests. If they pass it favorably, they are granted the license, which certifies that they know their job and are good at it. Unlicensed, local plumbers might offer to do the work at a lower price, however, do not get lured. Insist on checking the license of the plumber visiting your house because you do not want to risk flooding your house.

These are just some of the things you should keep in mind while looking for experienced plumbers in Surrey. At 911 Plumbing & Heating, we provide the entire range of plumbing and heating repairs and services at the most reasonable prices. We make sure you do not have to worry about your sink, drainage, pipes and other problems for more than a few minutes.

Take a Leap Back in Time & Repipe Your Home!

July 31st, 2015 by

Do I Need Plumbing Repiping?

Illustration of a plumber worker tradesman holding monkey wrench with tile in background done in retro style.

How do I know if I need to repipe my home?

The piping system carrying water into and around a home is not an area of home maintenance that is generally considered on a regular basis. However, if a homeowner notices the water leaving their faucets is a yellow or brown color, this could be a sign that rust and corrosion is occurring within the piping system. A second symptom of degrading pipes is the loss of water pressure that often occurs when a major part of the piping system is suffering from corrosion and rusting materials. Newer homes are often fitted with pipes that offer a lower level of corrosion protection, a home of five years of age or more will generally be in need of new pipes to ensure the safety and cleanliness of the water arriving in the property. Whenever faced with these issues, it is best to call a plumbing professional for repiping services.

How long will it take?

RepipingThe repiping process usually begins with the property owner requesting free estimates from a specialist repiping company. Once the estimate has been accepted the property owner will book the company to arrive on a specific day, usually a repiping company completes the task of repiping a property in a single day. Arriving early in the morning and working through the day, the disruption then caused to a family or individual is kept to a minimum in terms of water outages and holes cut into floors and walls.

Why should I hire a professional plumbing company?

The basic answer to this question is that a professional plumbing company will have the skills and experience to complete this task in a small amount of time. In most cases, the property owner wants the task completed quickly and efficiently to make sure their water supple is returned to full working order as quickly as possible.

Want to repipe your Surrey home? Call 911 Plumbing Heating Drainage Ltd. at (604) 679-8000 today and get the job done with our services!

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