How To Protect Your Plumbing From Hair?

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If you take a closer look around the bathroom of your home, you will be able to see how much hair is present there all around the bathroom. Hair keep falling off naturally, more so while bathing. Besides that, shaving and trimming of facial and body hair also add to it. Considering all of these factors, it can be said that there is a lot of hair all around the bathroom. Though it may seem as something negligible, but any experienced plumber in West Bank Kelowna would say otherwise.

These hair accumulating over a period of time can cause serious damage to your home plumbing. The first problem it creates is clogging. All the drain openings are prone to clogging and blockage due to hair collecting there over a period of time. However, there are ways to prevent such problems. Keep reading this blog to learn how to deal with frustrating drain clogs.

Learn From The Pro Plumbers in West Bank Kelowna

The professional Plumbing services in West Bank Kelowna share the following details to help you out with this problem. Learn from them to equip yourself with the correct information.

Install Covers for the Drains

  • Top Drain Screen – Installation of top drain screen is quite easy and simple. Just buying the top drain screen of appropriate size and placing it over the drain does the job. You can get one of these from any hardware store. Place them on open shower and tubs to restrain hair. Go for mesh strainer to screen the open kitchen sinks.
  • Underneath Screen – You can also add screens under the drain covers you already have in place. Remove the existing covers and install the screens. You may need plumber’s putty for fastening the screens. Reinstall the covers and you are done. Get help from West Bank Kelowna plumbers for best quality installation works.

Protect your Showers and Sinks from Hair

A very small effort on a daily basis can help you ensure longevity of your home plumbing. Take some time and read the following points carefully. If you follow these guidelines regularly, your pipes and faucets would never be clogged with hair again.

  • Brush your hair for a minute or two before heading to the shower. Loose and unattached hair fall off by brushing so brushing them out of the shower means clean drain. For full measures, never let your drain openings uncovered, without a mesh or screen.
  • Lookout for any hair strands on the floor of your shower, surface of walls and bathtub. Gather and pile them and throw in the trash can, away from the shower drain. Loose hair cause most of the clogs and is a threat to your drainage system.
  • When you shave over the bathroom sink, hair is washed into the sink drain. Even if they are small, still you should not let them pile up in your sink drain. Run the water for a minute after shaving is over. This will ensure that hair follicles are washed out all the way.

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