Top 3 Reasons Of Your Sewer Line Damage

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Your sewer line can be damaged by various reasons. In fact, sewage problems are reasonably the worst ones to deal with. Sewer line problems and damages are expensive and quite gross to handle. That is why you should know exactly which factors are responsible for sewer damage. Read what the expert plumbers in Kelowna have to say about it. This blog is sure to help you gain knowledge of the facts and assist you in prevention of any further damage to the sewer lines.

Some of the key reasons of harm to your sewer and how to tackle them in future are discussed below. Learn them by heart to avoid unnecessary mishaps and extra expenditure. Keep reading to learn more.

The Top Four Reasons as Said By Kelowna Plumbers

Understanding of the most common culprits responsible for sewer damage can save you from a lot of future headaches and turmoil. Let us go through three of the most common causes of sewage and sewer line damage.

Tree Roots

Tree roots can grow a lot inside the ground. Annoying outgrowth of tree roots reaching up to your sewer pipes can cause a lot of damage. This is the most common factor since tree roots are attracted to the fertilizers present in the sewage water. This is the reason they can cause a lot of trouble to your home plumbing once they reach into the sewage system.

Even if your yard does not have any trees, it can be your neighbor’s tree roots reaching far into your sewer lines within the ground. Negligent attitude can make your home plumbing vulnerable and possibly wreak havoc in the system. It is advisable to call in a professional plumber in Kelowna once in a while to check and make sure everything is in order.

Physical Obstructions

Most of the time people ignore the basic protocols of plumbing and end up dumping a lot of unwanted stuff like paper towels, sanitary products, hair and cooking grease in the drains. Treating your home plumbing as a waste disposal unit can cost you dearly. Unwanted materials in the drainage can cause clogging and lead to further damage and related problems. Kelowna plumbers advise to take extra care and ensure nothing other than human waste and water are drained as they can back up and create a wet mess all over your place.


Rodents can also make a mess out of your sewage system. They typically loosen the joints of the sewer lines and make them open up. This affects their functionality and problems begin to rise. The most effective way to deal with this problem is a combined effort of pest control and professional plumbing services in Kelowna.

These are the most probable causes of sewer damage. But there are still other possibilities. It is best to appoint an expert to detect the actual causes of your problem and fix it accordingly.

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