What To Do If Your Toilet Is Leaking?

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If you notice water on your bathroom floor, around or near the base of the toilet take it as a bad sign. Such a situation means that there is one (or more) leak in the toilet. The most probable spot of the leak is around your toilet’s base, where the fixture touches the ground. Whenever you encounter this situation, it is best to get help from the professional plumbing services in West Kelowna. If you ignore this, there is a high probability of your bathroom turning into an indoor swimming pool of filthy water. In this blog you will learn the most likely reasons of this problem.

The Reasons Of Toilet Leak As Said By The Best West Kelowna Plumbers

The best plumbing professionals of West Kelowna states the most probable reasons and techniques to identify and fix a toilet leak. Let us go through some of those reasons to draw a clearer picture for you. Keep reading to learn more.

Tee Bolts Getting Loose

If you notice carefully, you can see some plastic caps around the base of the toilet. These plastic caps cover the tee bolts which help to hold the toilet fixture firmly on the ground. If these bolts get loosened or broken, the seal around the base breaks open and leaks occur. Repositioning the toilet and making it centered and levelled can help it.

Ask the best plumbers in West Kelowna to tighten the bolts. If the bolts keep spinning freely or get broken, your plumber would need a replacement store and get the bolts replaced and cover them with bolts.

The Wax Ring Getting Damaged

If the tee bolts are checked, addressed and fixed but the issue still persists, then there may be some other factors in play. The next thing to check is the wax ring. It is the most probable culprit and needs to be replaced. The top plumber in West Kelowna says the following. Abide by these instructions for DIY repairing.

  • Purchase a new wax ring from your nearest store. Take a picture of your existing toilet base with you if possible. This would help the executive at the store to get you the perfect replacement, compatible with your toilet.
  • Prepare the toilet for replacement work. Begin with shutting down the water supply to the toilet through the water valve present behind the toilet. Once it is done, you should flush the toilet to remove the standing water as much as possible. If there is still some water leftover, unscrew the nut of the valve and drain the water in a bucket. Plunging the toilet for a few seconds can help you get rid of the remaining water at the base.
  • Unscrew the line supplying water to your toilet and remove the caps and tee bolts. Now you can move the toilet and remove the old wax ring. Clean the residue and install the new wax ring. After that, secure it using the tee bolts and reposition the toilet.
  • Turn on the valve and flush the toilet. Inspect closely for leaks.

Call 911 Plumbing For Professional Care

A leaky toilet can cause molding and increased water bills. Leaks must be fixed ASAP. For all kinds of repair, installation or maintenance works for your home plumbing, call us at 911 Plumbing Heating immediately for best experience within minimum price.

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