Plumbing Issues That You Can Frequently Find In Old Houses

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A good plumbing system is an essential part of every home. However it cannot be debated that despite how well built the plumbing in your home is, plumbing problems are bound to occur sooner, or if you are lucky enough, later.

The old houses in Surrey are really beautiful to look at. For anyone in search of a house, these old houses are something out of a storybook. Made from antique materials that are worth a lot of money today, these houses make for a beautiful living space at low costs. But old houses especially, with their old plumbing systems are more prone to suffer from aggravating plumbing problems. So it would be in your best interests to know about these things before moving in.

Why are That Old Houses Suffer From So Many Plumbing Problems?

The answer is simple enough because they are old. There can be various factors contributing to the failing plumbing of an old house. Maybe the materials used for the plumbing were not able to withstand the passage of time or because the design of their plumbing system differs greatly from what we have today. The work of some previous inexperienced plumbers might have added to the misery of the old plumbing system as well.

Common Plumbing Problems In Old Homes

  1. Use of polybutylene pipes: These pipes are no longer used for plumbing purposes because of the various problems they caused. You would not find them being manufactured nowadays. However, they were used in houses during the late nineties so it is likely that some of the old houses of that era might still have them.

It is still uncertain why these pipes were so defective but it is generally agreed that the chlorine in the public water systems reacts with the plastic of the pipes. As a result, the pipes become brittle and eventually deteriorate. Contact experienced plumbers in Surrey as soon as possible if your entire plumbing system is made from these pipes and have all of them replaced to prevent a leak.

  1. Use of galvanized pipes: Although no longer used for water supply piping, these pipes are still manufactured for repair work of existing ones. Galvanized pipes were used for water supply in many of the older homes. When the zinc on these pipes erodes, the exposed iron can easily get rusted. This makes them easy to spot as water gets discolored. Surrey plumbers can replace these with better alternatives for you.
  2. Old drains are more susceptible to develop clogs especially if they were treated roughly by the previous homeowners.
  3. Since the house has probably seen many homeowners, it is likely that it has also gone through some improper DIY repairs and low-quality repairs are always bad.

It is really a reasonable decision to contact a plumber in case you encounter the aforementioned problems. Contact 911 Plumbing Heating Drainage services for your plumbing needs. We are a reputed company that has been providing quality plumbing services since a long time.

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