Common Kitchen Sink Plumbing Issues

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Virtually no home is ever free from plumbing issues. Whether it is the toilet or the kitchen sink, every house has seen that war between homeowners and a defective plumbing system at least more than once. It is especially aggravating when it is the kitchen sink that is acting up and you have lots of other work to do. Kitchen sinks have a bad habit of throwing a fit when you have other things to do. There are many issues that you can face with a kitchen sink. Some you can manage yourself, for other plumbing repairs, you consult a plumber.

Kitchen Sink Plumbing Issues That You Often Face

  1. Clogged drains are probably one of the most common plumbing issues you face. It occurs because of large food particles or other unwanted substances that somehow manage to get stuck in the drainpipe. You can usually take care of this problem with the help of a plunger if the clogging is just below the sink but it would not work if the clogging has happened way down the pipe.
  2. Low water pressure is another problem that you might encounter. It mostly occurs due to a mineral build up in the aerator as a result of which you only get a weak stream of water. This condition is more common if you use water with high mineral content in it. You can easily solve this by removing the aerator, soaking it in vinegar for six hours and then replacing it.

If the low water pressure is due to clogged water pipelines, you would need to call a plumber in Surrey.

  1. Is your faucet leaking? It might be due to some prior inadequate repair or because of a worn-out washer. If it is because of a worn out washer, you can turn off the water supply and replace the washer yourself. If the problem still continues to persist, you might have to call a professional.
  2. A garbage disposal unit is responsible for shredding the food particles into smaller pieces in order to facilitate their easy movement through the drain pipe. It is usually present under the kitchen sink, just between the drain and the trap. In case it stops working, you can reset it on your own but if the situation does not get better, you have to call the plumbing services in Surrey.

Some Things To Keep In Mind

  1. Remember to wear protective gear while working under the sink.
  2. Before attempting repair work, turn off the water supply lest you flood the kitchen.
  3. Use chemical drain cleaner solution only if you have a slow draining sink. Refrain from using it if your drain is completely clogged.

If your attempts are not producing any result, you can contact 911 Plumbing Heating Drainage. We offer long-term plumbing solutions to your needs as well as a fast response time to your plumbing emergency. You would have nothing to worry about with our efficient technicians.


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