How To Deal With Toilet Overflow?

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The bathrooms are ones of the most functional rooms in your establishment. Naturally, the one thing that you should check on is that your toilet is working good and flushing correctly. But, even after regular normal maintenance sometimes the toilets unfortunately overflow. However, you can apply some management techniques to keep raw sewage from spilling on your floor. Keep reading to know what professional plumbers how to handle an overflowing toilet.

Here are the essential tips for applying whenever you encounter such a plumbing emergency. Learn them well to cope up with the situation.

Use The Shut-Off Valve

Whenever the toilet overflows, the shut-off valve comes to your primary rescue. Stop the water flow at the source using the valve when you see the toilet overflowing. To find the shut-off valve, just follow the pipeline leading to the toilet from your bathroom. Usually, there is a hand crank on that line.

When clog gets serious, buy some time to try and clear it out by closing the valve. It will restrict the water supply to the toilet. Maintaining the valve is important. Tend to it from time to time; keep it lubricated, so it does not jam when required most.

Check The Inside Of The Tank

In case you are not able to locate or turn off the shut-off valve, the next thing to do is to check inside the cistern, that is the toilet tank. First, lift the lid on the container and set it aside. Check the rubber outset referred to as the flapper. You will find it at the bottom of your tank. Reach in and close the flapper if it is open.

If it is closed, but water is still flowing, check if your toilet has a float ball. It is a component that floats on the water surface. Its purpose is to keep the water level checked, so it does not rise too high. Lift the float ball manually, and the water might shut off. If you cannot restrict the water by yourself, call for a professional plumber in Surrey.

Use The Plunger

The classic plunger does the job most of the time, as the plumbers say. Once when you have stopped the water supply to the toilet, you can try and clear the clogs. A plunger with a toilet flange is recommended. Plunging can remove the clog and relieve the overflow. Generally speaking, you should always plunge away any clog even if the overflow has stopped.

Call The Experts

When all your homely efforts fail, it is time to call for expert assistance. 911 Plumbing Heating Drainage LTD. is one of the most trusted plumbing agencies of the country. We are providing superior plumbing solutions to do your needs. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our experienced and well-trained professionals.

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