Preventing Mold And Mildew In Your Washroom – What The Plumber Says?

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Keeping your bathroom clean and mold free is highly essential for your personal hygiene and also avoid frequent calls for a plumbing emergency. The building up of molds and mildews can cause serious ill effects to your health. Here are some tips that can help you be free from them.

Keep Your Washroom As Dry As Possible

When moisture accumulates, the bacteria and fungi grow on it. This develops molds and allows them to grow easily. Use floor wipers and shower squeegees to ensure that water is not getting accumulated anywhere in the washroom.

The tip of the showers should be clean. Then the water that would come out from it would be hygienic enough to wash your body. Even the bathroom floor should be clean and dry so that molds don’t start growing there.

Clean The Washroom Frequently

Another way to ensure that molds and mildews do not grow is by keeping the washroom clean at all times. Clean it with appropriate bathroom cleaners every week. This kills many germs and prevents bacteria from growing and causing trouble.

Check For Any Leakage

Make sure that water doesn’t leak from anywhere in your washroom. That could cause the growth of bacteria. If you see any leakage, immediately tend to the issue. Call the plumber and get it fixed as soon as possible. The leakage of pipes can cause some serious harm to your bathroom and you.

Installation Of Proper Fans Or Construction Of Windows

Proper ventilation should be present in the bathroom at all times. If not, the hot and humid air in the washroom could be the catalyst for the growth of molds and mildews in the washroom. Hence it is mandatory that fresh air is always circulated. So, install a proper exhaust for the removal of the humid air. Even windows serve the purpose. Ensure the proper ventilation system is maintained anyhow.

Linens And Liners In Your Washroom Should Be Fresh And Clean

The linens and liners in your washroom accumulate the dirt and moisture when used for a long time. Clean them frequently and use dry ones to prevent the moisture from accumulating in the bathroom and the bacteria from growing. Eliminate any source of moisture as they can cause the germs to thrive on your bathroom.

These are the ways you can ensure that your bathrooms remain mold and mildew free. Surrey plumbers are efficient and ensure that your washroom is cleaned thoroughly after their repairing works are done. The cost of plumbing in Surrey is also reasonable.

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Best Advice From The Plumber For Your New Home

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Your own home always has some special sentimental value. You would want it to be peaceful and comfortable. A place where you would forget all your worries and disappointments – a place where you could always refresh yourself at the end of the day.

For that, you need to make sure some services are working efficiently in your house. Like the electricity lines, the water line supply, and the plumbing services. If any of these go wrong, you would be up for a lot of headache for your own house.

Let us look into details about the plumbing emergency situations and systems you should consider while choosing your own house.

Keep Note For The Source For The Main Water Supply:

If any problem arises like water leakage and overflowing, you should be aware of the valve that can shut the main water supply off. It should also be at a location that is easily accessible. That could save you from the incontinence of your house being filled with water everywhere, and all the furniture, electronics etc. being damaged. Inspect the house, find the main water supply, and if anything goes wrong, shut it and call for a plumber to tend to the issue.

Try To Keep Your Drains Clog-Free:

It is one of the crucial points to follow when you want your drainage system to work perfectly. Do not, at any cost clog the drains. Any food items should be disposed into the bin before washing the plates. Or throw the toilet papers into the bin instead of flushing them down. Take the necessary steps to ensure that your drainage system is not clogged at any time.

Try Installing Water Softening Plumbing Techniques:

In places where hard water is predominant this method is crucial to maintaining the efficient and smooth plumbing of the house.

Install Water Heaters In The Centralized Location Of The House:

It is advisable to install the water heater systems in a central location. This ensures even heating throughout the house. However, do make sure that the water does not turn out to be overheated. That might damage the pipes and cause the leakage of water causing inconvenience to a large extent.

Choose The Appropriate Sump Pump Discharge Location From Plumbing Services In Surrey:

The water that could have flooded your house needs to be discharged properly. For your own benefit, it would be better if the discharge area is far away from your house so that it cannot cause any damage to your stay.

These are some tips from the expert plumbers for your new house. Once you plan on getting settled at some place, make sure you get your house inspected. You can visit the site for additional information or for their services. They provide expert guidance at affordable prices.

Signs that Your Water Filter Needs a Change

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Water filters are an indispensable part of our homes today. They help to remove impurities like chlorine, cadmium, and mercury from water giving it a perfect taste and odor. This makes the water suitable for everyday consumption with minimum risk of infections or diseases.

Types of Water Filtration Systems

There are two types of filtration systems which are common to most households-Carbon Filtering systems and osmosis filtering systems. Both are easy to use and effective in equal measures. The choice of the system depends on the type that suits your house the best. 911 plumbing services assist you for the installation and services with both the systems. Though the service needs are dependent on the usage of the filters, Surrey plumbers are of the opinion that the carbon filters need more frequent services than the osmosis filters.

When to Change the Filters

The installation manual gives you an ideal time period within which you should change your filters but this again is subject to the volume of usage. The general time period is anytime between 3-6 months. Water use varies with each household and therefore there cannot be a set standard or guideline for filter change. The life of the filter depends on the following aspects:

  • The quality of the water with respect to the contaminants which need filtering.
  • The hardness of water which may cause more scaling and clogging of the filters.
  • The volume of water usage.

Having said this there are other signs which indicate that the filters need a change.

Significant signs for a Filter Change

Reduction in Flow of Water

Whenever you notice that the flow of water from the filter is lesser than usual, it is an indication of a filter change. This happens when there is a substantial deposit of contaminants within the filter which causes clogging in the filter. The increased accumulation makes it difficult for the water to pass through in adequate quantity. This results in a drop in the flow rate of water, signifying that the filter needs a change.

Change in the Taste of Water

With continuous usage sometimes the filter stops absorbing the contaminants which result in a change in the taste of the water. You can check for other probable reasons also for this change in the taste but more often than not, it is due to the decreased functioning of the filter cartridges.

The Odor of the water

Similar to the change in taste of water you may also witness a peculiar odor in the water if the filters are in a lesser working condition. This again is a result of excessive accumulation of deposits on the filter. Consider the help of professional plumbers with immediate effect whenever you smell an odor in the water.

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Multiple Advantages of Hydro Jetting

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Hydro jetting is the process of cleaning clogged drains of all kinds of blockages, debris, and deposits by spraying water through them under high pressure. The size of the hydro jets depends on the size of the drain and varying pressure of water is set accordingly. Hiring the service of professional plumbers in Surrey can help you determine the technicalities and proceed with effective and reliable measures.

Advantages of Hydro Jetting

Complete cleaning and unclogging

The benefits of hydro jetting are manifolds. The high-pressure water penetrates deep into the deposits on the walls of the drains and pipes to clear all kinds of obstructions. It has the power to flush out rocks, silt, grease, food particles and hair clogs too. It not only clears all the sludge but also unclogs the drainage system of any hindrances providing a complete solution.

Consistent, Accurate and Efficient

These aspects make it a much favorable choice over the other methods of cleaning. This method is effective in clearing all kinds of blockages with negligent damage to the drainage system. The spinning movement of the water springing from different angles is strong enough to pierce through the most stubborn of deposits.

Fighting Bacteria

The additional advantage of using hydro jets is that the powerful water streams wash away any bacteria growth occurring along with the scum. It has the potential to do away with the slightest of grim leaving the system clean and sparkling. Doing away with all the dirt and deposits thereby also rids the drains of all the foul odor giving the feel of freshness to the pipes.


Hydro jetting reduces the frequency of cleaning the pipes to a large extent. A normal cleaning process may have to be repeated after a period of 6-8 months but once you do hydro jetting you can keep your worries at bay for a couple of years. Though it may seem to be very expensive as a procedure, the long-term benefits that it provides with a reduced number of services make it an economical choice.

A Safe Process

Hydro jetting uses only water and is, therefore, environment-friendly. It is a non-invasive process and also is free from the use of any kind of chemicals. This prevents any kind of damage to the pipes which can be caused due to harsh chemicals or invasive instruments. Another important aspect is that it does not require any kind of digging or replacement of pipes as the process simply involves passing water through the pipe system.

Disadvantages of Hydro Jetting

The advantages of hydro jetting far outnumber the disadvantages. Hydro-jets use large amounts of water to carry out the process effectively but with expert plumber services, you can take adequate water conservation steps too. Another drawback is that the force of water can cause a few old or fragile pipes which are already weak to give away. But this again is avoidable if you hire professional plumbing in Surrey.

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Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Pipe Unclogged

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The kitchen is used to its maximum extent during the season of festivities. Homeowners take special measures to check there are no pipe leakages or ‘backed-up’ sinks during the festival period. To do away with clogged drains and plumbing problems you could hire the services of the professional plumbers in Surrey and ensure the kitchen is functioning effectively.

Suggestions on Keeping Your Kitchen Pipes Clear

Running the Tap Water during Garbage Disposal: You must run the water during discarding the garbage by means of the ‘disposal system’. This enables in the process of easy garbage disposal by the disintegration of the food. You must never shove the food down the kitchen drain without water as that leads to the blocking of the water pipes. To clear clogged kitchen pipes you must hire the Surrey plumbers.

Not Shoving Fat and Grease Down Your Kitchen Pipe: It is essential to ensure that there is no grease and fat inside the pipes. Grease within the pipes solidify and cause its blockage. Hence to avoid clogging your kitchen pipe stop shoving the oily food down its drain. To keep your kitchen pipe unclogged hire plumbers in Surrey.

Avoid the Use of the Powerful Cleaners: In order to avoid damage to your kitchen pipes, you must avoid using the powerful cleaners. These cleaners are harsh enough for damaging the kitchen pipes. The best way to repair the leaking pipes is by hiring adept plumbers.

Avoid Discarding the Waste Material through the Kitchen Drains: To prevent the choking of the kitchen drain avoid shoving food materials like fruit seeds, starchy foods or vegetable waste down the ‘garbage disposal’ cans. The waste materials form a mesh-like structure which attracts dirt and grime to form a ‘huge clog’. You can use the disposal cans for doing away with the waste matter.

Use a Drain Mesh: It is necessary to use a drain mesh to avoid the waste material to be pushed through the ‘kitchen pipes’. Thus you must avoid your kitchen drains from getting blocked by having a drain mesh in place.

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An Overview on Repiping

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Repiping is the replacement of the old and damaged pipes with properly functioning new ones. It is basically the installation of a new copper ‘repair system’. The process includes removal of the old accessible pipes and the installation of the new ‘plumbing system’. For the task to be carried out effectively, you must hire professional plumbers in Surrey. To ensure the plumbing task is performed effectively, you have to take into account an array of factors such as piping material, weather conditions, cost of the plumbing procedure etc.

Factors to Consider for the Repiping Procedure

Cost: Repiping is a costly procedure and must be done right away. If the procedure is timely done without delay, it can help in saving on expensive repairs in the future. Make sure the repiping procedure is performed by a proficient plumber in Surrey using the right material. A competent plumber would give good suggestions to all his clients related to the kind of material you can use for the purpose of repiping.

Humidity: If there are signs of ‘pipe sweating’ repiping needs to be done. ‘Pipe sweating’ can take place during winter and summer months. Copper is used for the construction of the ‘main pipe’ and the plastic material for the ‘PEX tubing’. As soon as the ‘cold water’ enters the ‘water pipes’ the cold energy reach the pipe walls. The ‘humid air’ will condense into the water as soon as it comes into contact with the pipe walls. This would result in the water puddle formation in the building basement.

Geographical Location: The repiping procedure is based on a region. For example, the repiping procedure must be done properly to ensure no ‘frozen pipes’ develop. The ‘frozen pipes’ burst and therefore precautions must be taken to make sure there is no development of the frozen pipes. You need to be careful that no ‘cast iron’ is used in the ‘drought-prone’ regions for the repiping procedure. Ground shifts as a result of high temperatures and dry heat cause the brittle cast iron pipes to crack.

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All You Need to Know About the Bathroom ‘Grout Crack’

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Cracks in your bathroom may develop in the joints where the bathroom wall meets the shower, floor or tub. The crack could appear due to age or could be due to the installation of tile or during the mixing of the grout. First of all, you must find out the root cause of why the grout cracks and how it must be repaired and when should it be replaced.

Why Do the Grout Cracks Develop?

The key cause for the development of the grout cracks in the bathroom in the joints due to the movement between the two surfaces. Houses move constantly in small increments due to temperature, humidity, foundation settling as well as other factors. Cracks could develop in the bathroom when the bathtub moves in one direction and the tile wall in another direction.

In case the grout is not mixed properly and there are too many additives or water, there could be air pockets after the complete drying of the grout. This leads to the grout becoming brittle and weak, which leads to the development of cracks.

Grout could even crack if less amount of adhesive is made use of for installing the tiles. After the drying up of the adhesive if the tile pulls away, then it is the task of the grout to keep the tile in place and in doing so the stress that develops causes the development of the cracks.

What is the Solution In the Case of a Couple of Isolated Cracked Grout Areas?

If there are only a couple of isolated areas of the ‘cracked grout’, you could carry out the repair work all by yourself. In case the grout is crumbling, it would not take a lot of effort, but in case the grout is not coming out easily, you need to make use of the ‘grout removal’ tool or a ‘grout saw’ for completing the task. You could vacuum the grout crack in order to capture the dust which is left behind. If you do not have the required tools, you could hire the help of the professional plumbers in Surrey.

The next step is choosing a replacement that has fewer chances to crack, such as silicone caulk. The key benefit of making use of the caulk is its flexibility. If the cracks develop due to shifting of surfaces a line of the caulk could survive where the grout failed. You must select a shade which matches that of the existing grout. While selecting the caulk, it should be of the mildew-proof caulk type that is designed to be used in the wet environments.

The application of the caulk requires a certain level of expertise and it may not possible for an amateur homeowner to carry out. Thus it is a good idea to hire the help of competent plumbers to ensure the task is carried out effectively.

However, if the grout problem is widespread and brought about by a major problem in the underlying installation, you need to have the condition assessed by an adept plumber.

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How to Avoid Loss of Water Pressure in the Shower?

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Loss of pressure of water in the shower could be annoying especially when you need to rinse the soap and shampoo from the body and hair. You could prevent this common problem by finding the root cause of it.

Limitations of the Pressure Balancing Valve

If a shower is equipped with a ‘pressure balancing’ valve which has a single handle or knob for controlling the flow and temperature of water, there is a risk of interruption of water pressure because of the nearby fixtures. This kind of a valve mixes both the cold and hot water at a specific pressure level. When you flush the toilet, the cold water diverts for refilling the tank that leads to a drop in the pressure in ‘cold water’ line.

The ‘pressure balancing’ valve takes some time to adjust which causes the water to become hot as the valve does not get the ‘cold water’ it requires. Subsequently, the water valve adjusts by lowering the pressure from ‘hot water’ line and this result in a general drop in the pressure. However, you can avoid this problem by using a ‘thermostatic mixing’ valve which provides separate controls for the pressure and water temperature.

If you consider using this valve, you can call one of the reputed plumbers and tell him to replace your valves with the ‘thermostatic mixing’ valves.

Faulty Functioning of the Diverter Valve

If there is a shower and bathtub combo in your toilet, there could be the diverter valve equipped with a switch or knob, which diverts the water from a bathtub faucet to a showerhead. This type of valve could break or malfunction after a couple of years of operation. This could result in the valve unable to open for sending high water pressure up to a showerhead.

You could solve this problem by calling up an experienced plumber who can confirm the diagnosis and upgrade your valve to a diverter valve.

Obstructed or Broken Pipe

Another common cause of a drop in the ‘shower pressure’ is the broken pipe as the resulting leakage can cause massive damage to the area of the house which is not visible. Thus, if you hear the sound of water running when not expected or in case of any water dripping or ‘water stain’, you must shut off the water supply from the main valve and then call a competent plumber right away.

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Ways To Get Rid Of Common Plumbing Clogs?

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Clogged drains can be really frustrating and pose a health hazard for the people. It gives rise to lots of unsanitary issues which can affect the health of individuals living in the house. It is a common issue and it can be solved with daily instruments, with no hard troubles. Following are a few ways to get rid of common plumbing clogs.

By The Use Of A Plunger

The plunger is a good tool to unclog your sink, toilet and bathroom drain. It’s made of a long handle fixed to a rubber cup attached to one of its ends. The rubber cup creates suction and pulls out all the waste blocking the pipe.

By The Use Of Drain Snake

It is a good substitute for the plunger. It is made of a long steel wire which is flexible and is attached to a handle on one end and an auger to the other. It is used to poke and clean any blockage in the drainage pipe. The end with the auger is a spiral-like structure which helps to unclog. It is easily available at hardware stores.

By The Use Of Hydro-Jets

It is a device that consists of an omnidirectional water outlet connected to a long and thin water pipe. It blasts water at a very high pressure in the clogged drain clearing any buildup present.  It ensures that the buildup is not faced again soon. It is generally used by professional plumbers.

By The Use Of A Liquid Cleaner

Liquid cleaners are available in every household store.  It clears the clogged drain effectively. But prolonged use of liquid cleaners is not vastly recommended because it contains corrosive chemicals which tend to burn the buildup. In this process, they also damage the pipes and often lead to water leakage. It can also lead to fatal accidents if not used carefully.

By The Use Of Homemade Mixtures

This is an easy process and is safe for your drains. Run down boiling water through the drain. Pour half cup baking soda and allow it to sit for five minutes. After this, pour one cup vinegar and a cup of very hot water and allow it to sit for another ten minutes. Finally, pour down more boiling water down the drains to wash away the build up broken by the baking soda and vinegar.

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Prevention Of Sewage Backup

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Sewage backups are a great threat to sanitation and hygiene of the people. With the clogged drains and sewage, the health is high at the stakes. Sewage backup is the host of bacteria like Salmonella, E. coli, Hepatitis and many more. These bacteria are the causes of diarrhea, infections and multiple organ failures. Prevention of sewage backups is an important thing to do. Following are a number of ways by which sewage backups can be avoided.

Using Standpipes

A standpipe is a normal pipe which is held in the ground drain and is bounded by a watertight seal made of rubber. The excess amount of water flows into the pipe and does not accumulate on the floor unless the depth of the backup is more than the length of the pipe. When there is no more a flood alert, you can remove the standpipe and allow the excess water to drain.

Installing Floor Drain Plugs

Drain plugs have a one-way property and can be fixed under the floor drain grills that avoid water to enter when the sewers are overloaded. When the sewer conditions are back to normal, a distinct float is disabled so that the water can flow out through the opening. Being comparatively low-priced, one-way plugs are often the modest preventive solution.

Don’t Eliminate Grease Through Sinks

Sewage backup happens often due to clogged drains. It is advisable that you must not pour the cooking waste such as thick gravy, oil, vegetable peels and more wastes of the kind down the sink. This leads to a drain blockage and sewage backup. It is not capable of the pipes to allow the flow of any substance through it. Therefore, you must be careful about the disposal of waste in the drain.

Don’t Dispose Off In The Toilet

The most common reason for sewage backups due to clogged drains are noticed in the toilets because people often dispose of the wrong items in the toilet. Flushing down diaper, toilet paper, sanitary pads, tampons, and other items are not recommended. The bulkiness of these products is not suitable for the toilet drains and they get stuck.

Schedule Periodic Drainage Inspection

It is rightly stated that prevention is always better than the treatment. Risking your health is not justified by any reason and that is why you should schedule periodic drainage inspection at your place. It ensures the sanitation and hygiene of your house and also treats any problem that was in the buildup.

If you are in Surrey and you are in search of plumbers, there is no place better than 911 Plumbing and Heating. We provide a range of plumbing services like drainage clearance, sewage treatment, installation of water heating systems, remodeling kitchens/bathroom and even plumbing emergencies. Contact us at(604) 679-8000 for professional plumbing guidance and services. Satisfaction of our customers is our ultimate goal.