All You Need to Know About the Bathroom ‘Grout Crack’

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Cracks in your bathroom may develop in the joints where the bathroom wall meets the shower, floor or tub. The crack could appear due to age or could be due to the installation of tile or during the mixing of the grout. First of all, you must find out the root cause of why the grout cracks and how it must be repaired and when should it be replaced.

Why Do the Grout Cracks Develop?

The key cause for the development of the grout cracks in the bathroom in the joints due to the movement between the two surfaces. Houses move constantly in small increments due to temperature, humidity, foundation settling as well as other factors. Cracks could develop in the bathroom when the bathtub moves in one direction and the tile wall in another direction.

In case the grout is not mixed properly and there are too many additives or water, there could be air pockets after the complete drying of the grout. This leads to the grout becoming brittle and weak, which leads to the development of cracks.

Grout could even crack if less amount of adhesive is made use of for installing the tiles. After the drying up of the adhesive if the tile pulls away, then it is the task of the grout to keep the tile in place and in doing so the stress that develops causes the development of the cracks.

What is the Solution In the Case of a Couple of Isolated Cracked Grout Areas?

If there are only a couple of isolated areas of the ‘cracked grout’, you could carry out the repair work all by yourself. In case the grout is crumbling, it would not take a lot of effort, but in case the grout is not coming out easily, you need to make use of the ‘grout removal’ tool or a ‘grout saw’ for completing the task. You could vacuum the grout crack in order to capture the dust which is left behind. If you do not have the required tools, you could hire the help of the professional plumbers in Surrey.

The next step is choosing a replacement that has fewer chances to crack, such as silicone caulk. The key benefit of making use of the caulk is its flexibility. If the cracks develop due to shifting of surfaces a line of the caulk could survive where the grout failed. You must select a shade which matches that of the existing grout. While selecting the caulk, it should be of the mildew-proof caulk type that is designed to be used in the wet environments.

The application of the caulk requires a certain level of expertise and it may not possible for an amateur homeowner to carry out. Thus it is a good idea to hire the help of competent plumbers to ensure the task is carried out effectively.

However, if the grout problem is widespread and brought about by a major problem in the underlying installation, you need to have the condition assessed by an adept plumber.

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How to Avoid Loss of Water Pressure in the Shower?

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Loss of pressure of water in the shower could be annoying especially when you need to rinse the soap and shampoo from the body and hair. You could prevent this common problem by finding the root cause of it.

Limitations of the Pressure Balancing Valve

If a shower is equipped with a ‘pressure balancing’ valve which has a single handle or knob for controlling the flow and temperature of water, there is a risk of interruption of water pressure because of the nearby fixtures. This kind of a valve mixes both the cold and hot water at a specific pressure level. When you flush the toilet, the cold water diverts for refilling the tank that leads to a drop in the pressure in ‘cold water’ line.

The ‘pressure balancing’ valve takes some time to adjust which causes the water to become hot as the valve does not get the ‘cold water’ it requires. Subsequently, the water valve adjusts by lowering the pressure from ‘hot water’ line and this result in a general drop in the pressure. However, you can avoid this problem by using a ‘thermostatic mixing’ valve which provides separate controls for the pressure and water temperature.

If you consider using this valve, you can call one of the reputed plumbers and tell him to replace your valves with the ‘thermostatic mixing’ valves.

Faulty Functioning of the Diverter Valve

If there is a shower and bathtub combo in your toilet, there could be the diverter valve equipped with a switch or knob, which diverts the water from a bathtub faucet to a showerhead. This type of valve could break or malfunction after a couple of years of operation. This could result in the valve unable to open for sending high water pressure up to a showerhead.

You could solve this problem by calling up an experienced plumber who can confirm the diagnosis and upgrade your valve to a diverter valve.

Obstructed or Broken Pipe

Another common cause of a drop in the ‘shower pressure’ is the broken pipe as the resulting leakage can cause massive damage to the area of the house which is not visible. Thus, if you hear the sound of water running when not expected or in case of any water dripping or ‘water stain’, you must shut off the water supply from the main valve and then call a competent plumber right away.

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Ways To Get Rid Of Common Plumbing Clogs?

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Clogged drains can be really frustrating and pose a health hazard for the people. It gives rise to lots of unsanitary issues which can affect the health of individuals living in the house. It is a common issue and it can be solved with daily instruments, with no hard troubles. Following are a few ways to get rid of common plumbing clogs.

By The Use Of A Plunger

The plunger is a good tool to unclog your sink, toilet and bathroom drain. It’s made of a long handle fixed to a rubber cup attached to one of its ends. The rubber cup creates suction and pulls out all the waste blocking the pipe.

By The Use Of Drain Snake

It is a good substitute for the plunger. It is made of a long steel wire which is flexible and is attached to a handle on one end and an auger to the other. It is used to poke and clean any blockage in the drainage pipe. The end with the auger is a spiral-like structure which helps to unclog. It is easily available at hardware stores.

By The Use Of Hydro-Jets

It is a device that consists of an omnidirectional water outlet connected to a long and thin water pipe. It blasts water at a very high pressure in the clogged drain clearing any buildup present.  It ensures that the buildup is not faced again soon. It is generally used by professional plumbers.

By The Use Of A Liquid Cleaner

Liquid cleaners are available in every household store.  It clears the clogged drain effectively. But prolonged use of liquid cleaners is not vastly recommended because it contains corrosive chemicals which tend to burn the buildup. In this process, they also damage the pipes and often lead to water leakage. It can also lead to fatal accidents if not used carefully.

By The Use Of Homemade Mixtures

This is an easy process and is safe for your drains. Run down boiling water through the drain. Pour half cup baking soda and allow it to sit for five minutes. After this, pour one cup vinegar and a cup of very hot water and allow it to sit for another ten minutes. Finally, pour down more boiling water down the drains to wash away the build up broken by the baking soda and vinegar.

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Prevention Of Sewage Backup

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Sewage backups are a great threat to sanitation and hygiene of the people. With the clogged drains and sewage, the health is high at the stakes. Sewage backup is the host of bacteria like Salmonella, E. coli, Hepatitis and many more. These bacteria are the causes of diarrhea, infections and multiple organ failures. Prevention of sewage backups is an important thing to do. Following are a number of ways by which sewage backups can be avoided.

Using Standpipes

A standpipe is a normal pipe which is held in the ground drain and is bounded by a watertight seal made of rubber. The excess amount of water flows into the pipe and does not accumulate on the floor unless the depth of the backup is more than the length of the pipe. When there is no more a flood alert, you can remove the standpipe and allow the excess water to drain.

Installing Floor Drain Plugs

Drain plugs have a one-way property and can be fixed under the floor drain grills that avoid water to enter when the sewers are overloaded. When the sewer conditions are back to normal, a distinct float is disabled so that the water can flow out through the opening. Being comparatively low-priced, one-way plugs are often the modest preventive solution.

Don’t Eliminate Grease Through Sinks

Sewage backup happens often due to clogged drains. It is advisable that you must not pour the cooking waste such as thick gravy, oil, vegetable peels and more wastes of the kind down the sink. This leads to a drain blockage and sewage backup. It is not capable of the pipes to allow the flow of any substance through it. Therefore, you must be careful about the disposal of waste in the drain.

Don’t Dispose Off In The Toilet

The most common reason for sewage backups due to clogged drains are noticed in the toilets because people often dispose of the wrong items in the toilet. Flushing down diaper, toilet paper, sanitary pads, tampons, and other items are not recommended. The bulkiness of these products is not suitable for the toilet drains and they get stuck.

Schedule Periodic Drainage Inspection

It is rightly stated that prevention is always better than the treatment. Risking your health is not justified by any reason and that is why you should schedule periodic drainage inspection at your place. It ensures the sanitation and hygiene of your house and also treats any problem that was in the buildup.

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How to Deal with Plumbing Emergencies?

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It would astound you to know that minor leaks from a regular household`s faulty plumbing system can add up to a wastage of more than 10,000 gallons of water each year. So, if you have been stocking up a heap of minor plumbing issues like leaky faucets, then it is time you took some form of action before they escalate to a major emergency.

While you may choose to DIY (Do It Yourself), there are certain problems for which you might require the services of professional plumbers and specialized equipment. Also, undertaking a plumbing repair is a strenuous job that may take up long hours from your busy schedule. Probably, this is precisely, the reason that has led to all those issues being piled up.

Do not worry, for 911 plumbing services are here to take away your stress. Remember, that if you let these petty problems linger, the day might not be far when you face an obvious plumbing emergency.

The Most Commonly Arising Plumbing Emergencies

Blocked Off Toilets and Drains- Blocked plumbing systems present the most frequently witnessed type of plumbing emergency. Generally, homeowners tend to overlook clogged toilets or drains for lengthy spans of time, until they actually start producing headaches and health hazards.

Once they start causing sewage water to overflow into bathrooms and kitchens, you need to shut the water supply to them. Thereafter, you need to identify the source of blockage and unclog it. However, you may be unable to do so without the proper range of equipment. Thus, employing the services of a plumbing professional would be the best option to take hold of such a situation.

Water Overflow from Faucets- Leaky faucets may not apparently be very concerning at first, but when not promptly taken care of, might escalate to cause water to flood all over your house. When this happens, the first measure you should implement would be to shut down the water supply and move all your belongings from the flooded floor.

Then, you need to call a trained plumbing professional and mop up as much of water as you can, before he arrives and deals with it. In order to prevent emergencies of this sort, it is advisable to conduct regular maintenance for your faucets and replace their damaged components.

The Much-Feared Cold Shower- A home`s water heater offers priceless services during the winter months. When you suddenly come to know that your bathroom`s hot water supply has ceased to function while taking a shower one cold January morning, it can form a pressing issue.

There may be several explanations for such an occurrence, such as leakage from the pipes for hot water, fuses being blown out, other electrical snags, and older water heaters reaching the end of their working lives. In such a situation, you are left with no option but to wait for your household plumber to come and inspect the problem.

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When Do You Require Faucet Repairs and How Should You Undertake Them?

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Faucets for water delivery comprise essential components of your plumbing systems at home or in offices. With major advances in plumbing technologies in recent years, faucets now incorporate a larger assembly of elemental units, thus, making their installations and repairs seem complicated to an untrained individual.

Basically, today`s faucets are composed of the following units, namely, a spout, handle, a lifting rod, the diverter valve, an aerator, a cartridge, the mixing chamber, and water inlets. In case of an issue with any of these, your faucets may leak, make unusual noises, or you may notice decreased water pressure. Thereafter, you are necessitated to undertake plumbing repair at the earliest.

The Most Common Faucet Issues and How to Deal With Them

Lowered Water Pressure: Usually, when you notice decreased pressure in your faucet`s water delivery, it indicates that there might be a snag in either, the diverter valve or its aerator. The diverter valve is a miniscule piece of equipment that regulates your faucet`s water flow.

It is possible that the valve is clogged with debris or mineral deposits. In such a case, it is advisable to clean the valve using a small brush, and a mild cleaning liquid or vinegar. A clogged aerator may also lead to a similar problem of low water pressure. The aerator can then be cleaned in a way similar to the diverter valve.

However, if your faucet`s valve or aerator is irreversibly damaged or if a faulty water supply system is responsible for the low pressure, you need to avail the services of professional Plumbers in Surrey.

 Water Sprays from Faucets: If your faucet sprays off a mist of water when you turn it on, you can attribute the issue to a clogged aerator. You can clean it with a cloth and vinegar to remove the entangled debris and deposits.

Another possible source of the problem may be a worn-down or misaligned washer for the aerator. In that case, you need to reinstall the washer and check. If the problem still persists, you require professional plumbing repair to replace your aerator with a new one.

Leaks from the Faucet`s Handle: This is, arguably, the most common faucet issue faced by homeowners. The most frequent cause of this is a loose packing nut for the handle, which has to be tightened to resolve the issue. However, when this problem is accompanied by rigidness in the handle, your faucet may have a damaged cartridge that needs to be replaced. Thereafter, the cartridge`s O-Rings should be replaced and lubricated with silicone grease after re-installation.

Squeaking Noises: These noises are most frequently heard while turning off your faucets. The most convenient solution would be to install an air chamber to negate the water hammer. If noises persist even after installing an air chamber, then the diverter valve may need a fresh washer or your water supply line may require pressure correction. Plumbing services in Surrey by professional plumbers would be of great help in this regard.

Water Dripping Down the Spout: This issue stems from a damaged valve seat or a worn out seat washer. It commonly gets resolved after you replace these units with new ones.

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Benefits of Doing Regular Drain Cleaning By Professionals

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The drains of your home are an essential component of your home and the plumbing system. A clean drainage system has a variety of advantages. It adds to the prevention of any plumbing problems and hence is often recommended. It helps to ensure that there are no problems in future and hence saves money in the longer run.

But make sure that you get only professional plumbing services to do such works for you. Otherwise, it might backfire and lead to the added expenditure of solving issues created by unlicensed plumbers. Following are few benefits of getting your drains cleaned regularly.

  • Avoids Blockages: Regular cleaning can avoid the small blockages. The small blockages can be very irritating as they are difficult to clean. They can be very annoying over time as they can collect. Small blockages can pile up to form larger ones. This can create a huge hassle later on. You can save on a lot of money in the long run regarding this issue.
  • Prevents Smells: Do your toilet and kitchen have the characteristics stink? One probable reason is the lack of proper cleaning. Cleaning on the outside is not enough. You must clean the pipe systems also. They are the causal agent of the smell. Surrey Plumbers clean the systems of pipes if you go for regular cleaning by professionals. So if you have guests coming over make sure that you opt for regular drainage cleaning to have a good impression.
  • Clean Home: A clean drainage system ensures a clean home in terms of pest and insects. Periodic cleaning of the drains enhances the efforts of the best It creates a healthy environment in the house. It ensures the prevalence of lesser diseases as there would be lesser germs and insects.
  • Reduce Expenses: As pointed out above, regular drain cleaning enhances the efforts of other services. In several aspects such as health, pest control, etc and even in the longer run, regular drain cleaning by professionals is instrumental in saving money. A little amount spent per month on regular drain cleaning can save money in various aspects.

Although there are several advantages to regular drain cleaning, make sure that you hire Surrey plumbers who are associated with a regulatory board only that is they are professionals. Only then you can enjoy these benefits. Contact 911 Plumbing for reliable services. Reach us quickly at  (604) 679-8000 and let us solve all your plumbing related problems. We are known for our amazingly satisfactory customer service.

Why Should You Always Hire A Licensed Plumber?

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Often building owners prefer to do some of the repair works on their own to save money. They might also go to the extent of hiring a random plumber for example without checking for their license. This can be more dangerous than you can imagine. Hiring a licensed plumber can have a range of advantages. Quality service and saving money are some of the advantages.  Following are few reasons you must consider hiring a licensed plumber only:

  • Training and Expertise: To obtain a license, a plumber has to complete a certain amount of education and several courses along with having to prove their expertise by passing an exam and working as an apprentice. This ensures that they understand the local regulations and possess the proper training and expertise to perform their job perfectly. This ensures you the guarantee that you are hiring a well qualified professional.
  • Proper Equipment: Licensed plumbers possess the advantage of good equipment. This allows them to provide safe and effective services. They can solve any issues because they have the right tools for it. In case of a plumbing emergency, the proper tools are extremely effective for a quick and effective solution. Only a licensed plumber would have access to such tools and would have the knowledge to use them properly.
  • Knowledge of Local Codes: Plumbing is essentially a dicey job considering how plumbing systems contain harmful wastes and toxic materials. Several places have rules and regulations to ensure a safe workplace. It is essential for the plumber to follow these codes. A licensed plumber has the knowledge of these codes and makes sure to follow them and provide safe results.
  • Ethics: Licensed plumbers are often associated with a regulatory board. This means that they are held accountable for the service they provide. They cannon behave in an unethical manner and have to follow the rules and codes. If by chance there is an issue in the future regarding the services provided you have an outlet to approach for recourse. Such boards often allow the provision of complaints and feedback.
  • Safety: Incorrect plumbing measures can have a variety of dangerous implications. It can have a potential effect on your safety. Trained plumbers are trustworthy and provide secured

In case of plumbing emergencies, 911 plumbing is the one you should contact. We provide services for any kind of plumbing issues and guarantee only licensed plumbers. The work will be over in a jiffy without any further issues. In case of any problems, contact us for a satisfactory customer service. Call us at (604) 679-8000 for quick solutions to your problems. We are looking forward to assisting you in any way possible.

Why Hire the Professional Plumbers?

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With technological advancement, you would find innumerable videos and information on the ways to deal with the different types of household problems including the plumbing issues but the complicated plumbing problems still require expertise. Though the minor plumbing issues can be solved by the homeowners, for the complicated ones the professional plumbers in Surrey need to be hired. They have the right set of tools and skill for carrying out the task effectively.

Here are the reasons you should hire the professional plumbers

Technical Proficiency: professional plumbers have the technical expertise in handling the complicated plumbing tasks. Most of the plumbing jobs are simple like the leaking pipes and the blocked drains which the homeowners can fix all by themselves. Plumbers are needed to fix the complicated tasks that need greater proficiency. The professional Surrey plumbers can detect the complicated plumbing issues and repair the problem in a jiffy.

In-Depth Knowledge: Homeowners can offer a temporary solution to problems like the clogged drains by replacing the pipe sections one by one. Whereas, the professional plumbers would find out the main cause of the plumbing issue by the careful assessment of the plumbing system. Once the underlying problem is detected, he can offer a good remedy for the problem. He can even provide good suggestions on how to improve the plumbing system of a house.

Completion of Task On-Time: Professional plumbers perform several plumbing tasks at a time for offering a fast solution to a problem. Whereas, the homeowners fix one problem at a time and that could be time-consuming.

Right Tools and Equipment: The professional plumbers not only carry out the plumbing tasks effectively but even have the right tools for accomplishing the task within a short time effectively without damaging the ‘piping system’ of a house.

Professional Attitude: An expert plumber in Surrey carries out the task of plumbing effectively and offers a proper guarantee for his work. The period can be anywhere from 90 days to a year. If the problem resurfaces, you should hire experienced plumbers in Surrey by calling over the phone. The best thing is that the work can be done without paying for it. If homeowners intend to do the task themselves, they would incur a huge expenditure and will not have the right tools as well. Moreover, there would be no guarantee that the work would be carried out successfully

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Plumbing Problems Homeowners Generally Face

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There are scores of some common plumbing issues that homeowners generally face such as clogged drains, pump failures leaking pipes, running toilets etc. The frequency of the plumbing issues is based on how old a house is. The new property owners do not face any plumbing problems as such, whereas the property owners of old houses do.

Here are some of the common plumbing problems, which the plumbers in Surrey generally face.

  • Blocked Drains: Clogged drains can ruin your property appreciably. The random debris and grease can slowly accumulate inside the pipes leading to their blockage. You should hire the professional plumbing services in Surrey and have the blocked drains cleaned on a regular basis. Stagnant water in the clogged drains can lead to damage of the property causing health problems. Water leakage can result in weakening of the structural integrity of property causing discoloration, warping and water stains. Moreover, stagnant water causes mosquito breeding and spreads germs and diseases. Hence, this problem requires quick attention.
  • Failure of the Sump Pumps: The sump pump works like the fire extinguisher and is needed during emergencies for expelling water from the flooded basement. There can be a couple of reasons for the failure of a sump pump such as clogged pipe, stuck switch, improper installation, no hole for releasing air, low upkeep etc. It is mandatory to keep your sump pump working optimally for taking care of the emergency situations. In order to repair a malfunctioning sump pump, you need professional help.
  • Cracked Pipes: Leaking from the water pipes is a common problem homeowners face during winter months. The leaks are located near the joints of the pipes. To detect any pipe leakage watch out for the wet areas near the ground or ceiling as water leakage can ruin your property considerably. You can have this problem fixed by hiring plumbing services in Surrey.
  • Overflowing of the Toilet: If your toilet is overflowing, it is a grave problem that needs immediate attention. There could be various reasons responsible for the overflow in the toilets. One of the reasons could be insufficient water in the tanks needed for the ‘siphon action’ in the bowl is not possible leading to overflow. Among the other reasons is the faulty position of refill tube that hampers filling of ‘toilet bowl’. To fix this problem you need to hire adept plumbers in Surrey.

For any type of plumbing problems, avail the help of professional Surrey plumbers of 911 Plumbing Heating Drainage Ltd. We offer a comprehensive range of services that includes drain cleaning, repiping, hydro jetting, kitchen and toilet remodeling, repairing of faucets, sewer lines, toilets, water systems and the burst pipes, water filtration systems, sewer lines etc. Hire our services by calling at (604) 679-8000. We look forward to helping you at the earliest.