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Common Signs You Should Reinstall Pipes at Home

January 8th, 2021 by

Changing the pipes and installing new ones can be challenging enough if it involves your home’s overall pipe system. It may show subtle changes to understand that it is time to change the pipes; else, it can result in severe problems.  If a small repair can do, there is no point in reinstalling new ones.

The plumbing service you hire should have the correct knowledge to guide you and help you know when it is the right time for repiping the whole pipe system of your home. Plumbing pipes last for a long time before you need to replace them. Before it results in large wear and tear, hire professional plumbers.

When living in and around areas like Kelowna, West Kelowna, you are sure to come across plenty of plumbing services in Kelowna.  However, not all of them can offer professional guidance, and therefore, it is better to go the plumbing service’s reputation. Let us take you through some signs to understand it is high time to hire the team.

Check Safety of Pipes

The lifespan of pipes varies as per different external factors, and it is necessary to have safe pipe material. Depending on the pipe material, it may leak, and therefore, it requires routine checkup. There is a high chance of pipe erosion owing to adverse conditions. So, make sure that pipes are in a safe condition to have for a long time.

Pipes are Leaking

It is not good to go with leakage in the pipe, and its condition may change when there is a change in weather. It is better to choose quality material that would last for a long time. To avoid any costly and recurring expenses, it is better to choose to install quality ones.

Visible Corrosion on Pipes

Visible corrosion is pipe, flaking, and discoloring of the pipes on its surface, and these are common problems. The corroding pipes may leakage quickly, so it is better to get it checked on time. This is one such situation that requires repiping routinely to avoid any adverse problems. This type of plumbing repair is vital, and you can search for plenty of plumbing services in Kelowna and around areas like West Bank Kelowna and Peachland.

Color of Pipe Changes

If water tends to follow in yellow color or others, it is an indication that there are sediments or debris stored inside the pipe. This may happen after you return from a vacation, and you have not used the water system for a long time. This is when repiping can fix the issue and install quality pipes with the help of the expert team at 911 plumbing.

So, without any further delay, it is better to get in touch with the experts of 911plumbingheating Drainage, Ltd. With years of expertise, the plumbing service has the correct knowledge of handling the pipe discoloration and repiping problems. You can approach our team to deal with problems of low water pressure inside the pipe. Correct and on-time servicing will resume smooth water flow through the pipes.

Is Your Home’s Water Pressure Too Low?

April 7th, 2017 by

Plumbing issues can spoil your day and disturb the routine activities such as washing clothes, cooking etc. Be it large problem or small one like a low-pressure water flow in taps and showers, it is still going to bother you through the day.

Many homeowners around the world have experienced this problem once in a while. Though there is no doubt that low water pressure is a time to call a professional plumber in Surrey, the real challenge lies in the identification of the real cause. Here are few reasons behind the decrease in the water pressure:

Accumulation in the pipes
There can be several types of debris build-ups in your home’s pipes. It could be that dirt and sand have accumulated due to the presence of fractures. Even if there is no fracture, the mineral can build up causing blockage in the pipes. Lastly, corrosion is another cause of decreased water pressure in some cases. Remember, no matter how little the accumulated substance is, it would definitely affect your water pressure.

This is yet another reason for limited water flow in your taps. Leakage is easy to identify in case you have leaky taps or visible damage in pipes. However, in most of the cases, people fail to identify leakage because it is in internal piping areas.

Leakage not only reduces the water flow disrupting your household chores but also adds up to the water bill. You would always find the bill statement depicting more units than the water actually consumed. If you have leaky pipes, the water flow would get distributed thus, causing a decrease in the pressure.

Homeowners can recognise leakage by simply shutting down the water taps outside and inside the house. Next, you need to record the water meter reading instantly. Wait for some time and check the water meter reading again. A change in the meter reading is symbolic of a leaky pipe. You should call a professional plumbers in Surrey immediately.

Other reasons
It is not necessary that the low-pressure water is associated with your home’s plumbing only. It could be that there is a problem from the end of your water provider. A decrease in water pressure from their end is surely going to affect your supply of water. You can either consult the municipal water supplier directly or discuss it with your neighbours if they are facing the same sort of problem.

Apart from this, sometimes peak periods ad turned off valves can also cause low pressure I water supply. You should never panic upon encountering a plumbing issue. Just make sure not to delay the repairs and assistance requirement. Instead call a professional plumbing company in Surrey right away.

About 911 Plumber Heating Drainage Ltd.
We are well-known and leading plumber company in Surrey. At 911 Plumber heating Drainage, we understand how important plumbing issues are. This is why we provide free estimates for Plumbing services in Surrey all 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our executives would make sure are 100 percent satisfied before leaving the house.

Water Wastage: Looking for those Water Leaks

March 11th, 2017 by

If you are wondering why the water bill is so high and how has the water consumption increased, you might be missing out something.  Have you considered that it is not the water consumption, but the leakage that is costing you a sizeable sum of your water bill? A closer look at your plumbing is called for. You might have to consider hiring a plumbing company in Surrey.

Figure it out

Begin the task by first figuring out if there is actually a leak or you are using as much water as the meter indicates. To do this, you will need a three hour window of no water involving activities. Your main instrument here is your water meter

Step 1: Stop Usage of Water

Stop using water in the house (we mean tap-water, not stored water). This includes use of all appliances that use water like the dishwasher, sprinklers, washing machine etc. Remember to deactivate scheduled water-based tasks like sprinklers that switch on automatically at the set time.

Step 2: Record

Now you need to locate the water meter of your home. Usually, water meters are placed on the sides of the house or in the front yard corner. Note down the reading on the meter. This indicates the amount of water you have used so far.

Step 3: Three Hours

Then begins your three hours gap on using water. To get accurate results, ensure that no one in the family uses the water during these three hours.

Step 4: Recheck the Water Meter

Check the meter at the end of the three hours.

If the reading on the meter shows that water has been consumed in these three hours, it is the leakage that is costing you money. This certainly requires immediate attention.

Find it

Now that you know there is a leakage in your piping system, it is necessary to locate it and give it the attention it requires.

Here are the check points for possible leakage locations:

  1. Pressure relief valves installed on the hot water tanks. Incase this valve is connected to a drain making it impossible for you to check for leakages, keep your ears open for hissing sound which can indicate a leak.
  2. Toilets are one of the many common points of plumbing leaks. You could remove the tank lids and listen closely for leakage sounds.
  3. Meter Line is usually points we tend to forget. Use the shut off valve to stop the flow of water for a while and observe the meter dial for changes. If there are no changes, it indicates that the leakage is located inside the house.
  4. Hose Bibs inspection too is necessary, if you are sure of the leaks and have not found one in any of the above 3 places.

Course of Action

Once a leakage is confirmed and located, you need to consult an expert who can handle the repairs professionally. This will not only save the wastage of water but also let you save on water bills.

It is in this hour of need that you need to have the contacts of reliable plumbers in Surrey handy. 911 Plumbing Heating Drainage, LTD offers professional emergency plumbing services. We ensure quick yet lasting solutions for all your leakage issues. We also offer emergency services round the clock to ensure we are there for you at crucial times. You can get in touch with us on (604) 679-8000.

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