Water Wastage: Looking for those Water Leaks

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If you are wondering why the water bill is so high and how has the water consumption increased, you might be missing out something.  Have you considered that it is not the water consumption, but the leakage that is costing you a sizeable sum of your water bill? A closer look at your plumbing is called for. You might have to consider hiring a plumbing company in Surrey.

Figure it out

Begin the task by first figuring out if there is actually a leak or you are using as much water as the meter indicates. To do this, you will need a three hour window of no water involving activities. Your main instrument here is your water meter

Step 1: Stop Usage of Water

Stop using water in the house (we mean tap-water, not stored water). This includes use of all appliances that use water like the dishwasher, sprinklers, washing machine etc. Remember to deactivate scheduled water-based tasks like sprinklers that switch on automatically at the set time.

Step 2: Record

Now you need to locate the water meter of your home. Usually, water meters are placed on the sides of the house or in the front yard corner. Note down the reading on the meter. This indicates the amount of water you have used so far.

Step 3: Three Hours

Then begins your three hours gap on using water. To get accurate results, ensure that no one in the family uses the water during these three hours.

Step 4: Recheck the Water Meter

Check the meter at the end of the three hours.

If the reading on the meter shows that water has been consumed in these three hours, it is the leakage that is costing you money. This certainly requires immediate attention.

Find it

Now that you know there is a leakage in your piping system, it is necessary to locate it and give it the attention it requires.

Here are the check points for possible leakage locations:

  1. Pressure relief valves installed on the hot water tanks. Incase this valve is connected to a drain making it impossible for you to check for leakages, keep your ears open for hissing sound which can indicate a leak.
  2. Toilets are one of the many common points of plumbing leaks. You could remove the tank lids and listen closely for leakage sounds.
  3. Meter Line is usually points we tend to forget. Use the shut off valve to stop the flow of water for a while and observe the meter dial for changes. If there are no changes, it indicates that the leakage is located inside the house.
  4. Hose Bibs inspection too is necessary, if you are sure of the leaks and have not found one in any of the above 3 places.

Course of Action

Once a leakage is confirmed and located, you need to consult an expert who can handle the repairs professionally. This will not only save the wastage of water but also let you save on water bills.

It is in this hour of need that you need to have the contacts of reliable plumbers in Surrey handy. 911 Plumbing Heating Drainage, LTD offers professional emergency plumbing services. We ensure quick yet lasting solutions for all your leakage issues. We also offer emergency services round the clock to ensure we are there for you at crucial times. You can get in touch with us on (604) 679-8000.

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