Signs that Your Water Filter Needs a Change

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Water filters are an indispensable part of our homes today. They help to remove impurities like chlorine, cadmium, and mercury from water giving it a perfect taste and odor. This makes the water suitable for everyday consumption with minimum risk of infections or diseases.

Types of Water Filtration Systems

There are two types of filtration systems which are common to most households-Carbon Filtering systems and osmosis filtering systems. Both are easy to use and effective in equal measures. The choice of the system depends on the type that suits your house the best. 911 plumbing services assist you for the installation and services with both the systems. Though the service needs are dependent on the usage of the filters, Surrey plumbers are of the opinion that the carbon filters need more frequent services than the osmosis filters.

When to Change the Filters

The installation manual gives you an ideal time period within which you should change your filters but this again is subject to the volume of usage. The general time period is anytime between 3-6 months. Water use varies with each household and therefore there cannot be a set standard or guideline for filter change. The life of the filter depends on the following aspects:

  • The quality of the water with respect to the contaminants which need filtering.
  • The hardness of water which may cause more scaling and clogging of the filters.
  • The volume of water usage.

Having said this there are other signs which indicate that the filters need a change.

Significant signs for a Filter Change

Reduction in Flow of Water

Whenever you notice that the flow of water from the filter is lesser than usual, it is an indication of a filter change. This happens when there is a substantial deposit of contaminants within the filter which causes clogging in the filter. The increased accumulation makes it difficult for the water to pass through in adequate quantity. This results in a drop in the flow rate of water, signifying that the filter needs a change.

Change in the Taste of Water

With continuous usage sometimes the filter stops absorbing the contaminants which result in a change in the taste of the water. You can check for other probable reasons also for this change in the taste but more often than not, it is due to the decreased functioning of the filter cartridges.

The Odor of the water

Similar to the change in taste of water you may also witness a peculiar odor in the water if the filters are in a lesser working condition. This again is a result of excessive accumulation of deposits on the filter. Consider the help of professional plumbers with immediate effect whenever you smell an odor in the water.

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