Multiple Advantages of Hydro Jetting

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Hydro jetting is the process of cleaning clogged drains of all kinds of blockages, debris, and deposits by spraying water through them under high pressure. The size of the hydro jets depends on the size of the drain and varying pressure of water is set accordingly. Hiring the service of professional plumbers in Surrey can help you determine the technicalities and proceed with effective and reliable measures.

Advantages of Hydro Jetting

Complete cleaning and unclogging

The benefits of hydro jetting are manifolds. The high-pressure water penetrates deep into the deposits on the walls of the drains and pipes to clear all kinds of obstructions. It has the power to flush out rocks, silt, grease, food particles and hair clogs too. It not only clears all the sludge but also unclogs the drainage system of any hindrances providing a complete solution.

Consistent, Accurate and Efficient

These aspects make it a much favorable choice over the other methods of cleaning. This method is effective in clearing all kinds of blockages with negligent damage to the drainage system. The spinning movement of the water springing from different angles is strong enough to pierce through the most stubborn of deposits.

Fighting Bacteria

The additional advantage of using hydro jets is that the powerful water streams wash away any bacteria growth occurring along with the scum. It has the potential to do away with the slightest of grim leaving the system clean and sparkling. Doing away with all the dirt and deposits thereby also rids the drains of all the foul odor giving the feel of freshness to the pipes.


Hydro jetting reduces the frequency of cleaning the pipes to a large extent. A normal cleaning process may have to be repeated after a period of 6-8 months but once you do hydro jetting you can keep your worries at bay for a couple of years. Though it may seem to be very expensive as a procedure, the long-term benefits that it provides with a reduced number of services make it an economical choice.

A Safe Process

Hydro jetting uses only water and is, therefore, environment-friendly. It is a non-invasive process and also is free from the use of any kind of chemicals. This prevents any kind of damage to the pipes which can be caused due to harsh chemicals or invasive instruments. Another important aspect is that it does not require any kind of digging or replacement of pipes as the process simply involves passing water through the pipe system.

Disadvantages of Hydro Jetting

The advantages of hydro jetting far outnumber the disadvantages. Hydro-jets use large amounts of water to carry out the process effectively but with expert plumber services, you can take adequate water conservation steps too. Another drawback is that the force of water can cause a few old or fragile pipes which are already weak to give away. But this again is avoidable if you hire professional plumbing in Surrey.

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