Why Your Water Is Taking Too Long To Heat?

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When you want hot water at home before leaving for work or freshening up after a long day, you must hate to wait up. If the shower takes a lot of time to warm up then there must be some issues with your home plumbing or water heating. Hear out what the plumbers in Surrey have to say about it.

The Probable Reasons Of The Problem

Delayed water heating may cause due to various reasons. According to the best plumbers of the country, the reasons can be broadly classified under 5 types. They are respectively :

The typical lifespan of an average water heater is about 10 to 12 years. If the one at your home is nearly that old, it is surely vulnerable to damage and can fail anytime. Their effectiveness reduces resulting in delayed heating. The best course of action, in this case, is to call the best plumbers in Surrey for a water heater replacement.

  • Distance

If the length of pipes is too long, that is, if the hot water has to cover a long distance before reaching the shower or faucets then it may lose heat. If that is the case then you can remodel your home plumbing or replace the existing heater with a bigger version.

  • Undersized Heater

If your water heater has to handle more than it is capable of, the result is often delayed heating. Think carefully and recollect when you had the heater installed, how many people were there in the house then and how many now. You may be dealing with an undersized heater and should have it replaced by a bigger model.

  • Low Volume Restrictors

If you have low volume restrictors installed on your fixtures, they can be the culprit. Consider losing the restrictors as they can lead to delayed delivery of water and hence, delayed heating.

  • Build-up of Sediments

Layers of build-up accumulate inside your water heater when dissolved minerals like magnesium and calcium settle down at the bottom. This reduces the efficiency of your heater as the sediments slow down the heating process. Such problems can only be detected and fixed by professional plumbers.

Storage heaters have different recovery times. It is the time needed by the tank to deliver warm water again after being completely depleted. The recovery time for each model varies as per many factors and has to be kept in mind.

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