Know-How You Are Causing Damage to the Plumbing System at Your House

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Plumbing is the nervous system of your house. Their benefits are sometimes invisible but their smooth functioning is immensely important for the uninterrupted operations in the household. The homeowners often take some wrong moves in handling the plumbing system which can cause a total overhaul of the entire unit. The consequences can be worse and you end up spending huge amounts unnecessarily.


Reputed companies offering the services of plumbing in Surrey suggest homeowners follow certain maintenance tips to upkeep their plumbing system effectively. Moreover, users must also avoid certain mistakes that damage their plumbing units regularly.


Trash Flushing in the Toilet:

It is quite tempting for homeowners to use their toilets like garbage cans. You need to realize that your toilet is just to flush out human waste and nothing else. Flushing trashes in the toilet clogs the pipes and can result in a nasty mess. You may find that some products have the word flushable printed on their packets. Do not trust them. You cannot flush down anything in the toilet be it tampons or wipes.


Pouring Greasy Items Down The Sink:

Professional Surrey plumbers always suggest their customers not to pour grease down their sinks. This can cause long-term damage to the pipes. The grease and fat badly clog the drains and thus the consequences turn worse.


Temporary Fixes Rather Than Calling upon Plumbers:

It is important for you to realize that the services of plumbing in Surrey are quite crucial for the proper maintenance of your entire plumbing unit. You cannot perform quick fixes or DIYs with broken valve or a leaky pipe. These temporary fixes can lead you to major problems in the future. The issue might turn even more complex and you require spending much more amounts than anticipated.


Using Cleaning Products Having Harsh Chemicals:

Most homeowners feel that the metal pipes are strong enough to withstand any type of chemical that goes through them. However, the facts are quite different. The metal pipes are quite sensitive compared to your expectations. The chemicals in the cleaning products damage them gradually. You might feel that using the chemical you can fix the clogs in the pipes quickly.


However, you do not realize that the chemicals are eating up the pipes and causing serious damage to the system. So, when you face clog issues, consider calling up a plumbing emergency in Surrey rather than applying the quick fixes.


Placing a Lot of Weight on the Plumbing Fixtures:

Shower shelving or shower caddy can be quite useful for homeowners. However, placing too many heavy things on the showerhead can damage the accessory along with its other parts.


So, you see there are so many errors that homeowners do with their plumbing units every day causing serious damages to the system. At 911 Plumbing and Heating, you get the assistance of qualified experts who can help you with a plumbing emergency, honest assessments, and quick turnarounds. You can call us and get free estimates of various plumbing issues. Our expert technicians assure that your issues get resolved productively and prioritize every service call that comes to them.





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