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What is the first picture that pops in your mind when you hear the word plumbing? Is it a picture of the toilet, a dripping tap out faucet, a bathtub? You would be surprised to know that these are only some of the external fixtures. All these, when put together, constitute only a fraction of the elaborate plumbing system of your house.

In this blog, you will learn about some of the primary parts of your home plumbing from words of the professional plumbers in Surrey. Keep reading to get insights into the plumbing system of your home. You can use the knowledge to do a little bit of maintenance yourself and know when to call for a plumber.

The Basic Parts of Home Plumbing

You must not limit your understanding of this matter to superficial levels. Take a look at some of the smaller components that are easily missed, but very essential to form the plumbing system.

  • Water Main Valve: The water main valve is installed during the initial stages of the construction of every home. This valve controls the water flow of your house. In case a pipe bursts or leaks, you can use this valve to stop the flow of water. You must know the location of this valve so it comes in handy during any plumbing emergency.
  • Cut off Valves: These valves are added to the water main valve. They are used to cut off the water supply to particular sections of your plumbing system, mainly the fixtures such as the toilet and sinks. They are useful to encounter a leakage and prevent water spilling all over your floor.
  • Water Meters: Water meters help you read the plumbing system’s overall health. Various types of water meters are available in the market. Get the best ones recommended by most plumbers in Surrey and get detailed information about your water usage. It also helps you pinpoint the damaged plumbing and let you know when to slow down the water usage and make real savings.
  • Water Pressure Regulators: Would you like hot water running under high pressure when you get a shower? No, right. With the help of water pressure regulators, you can check the water pressure and lower it whenever it’s too high. The regulators help you prevent any plumbing emergency.
  • Electric, Gas and Hot Water Valves: These valves help you control the essential resources of the house. In case the water gets too hot, use the valve. Gas and electric valves also help to depend on the fuel of your water heater.

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