How To Pet-Proof Your Home Plumbing?

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Over half of the total households across the country have a pet! Having a cute pet is fun and helpful indeed, but not necessarily in every aspect. There are many potential problems which come with having pets. Pets put up the special strain on all kinds of household fixtures, especially the plumbing.

Here are some important notes from the best plumbers in Surrey on how you could pet-proof your home plumbing. Follow these tips by heart and you would never have to stress out about pet plumbing problems in the future.

Do Not Leave Pipes Exposed

Just like children, your pets also love to mess around with exposed fixtures. You can avoid a trip to the vet by covering the exposed fixtures such as pipes and wires. When your pet bites and damages a pipe, fixing it is much costlier and tedious than simply prevent or from happening. This can damage your home or worse, get your pet hurt. You should go for concealing all open fixtures and piping to protect your home and your pet.

Keep Water Available for your Pets

Pets often drink out of the toilet because they are thirsty. If you make sure that there is plenty of water available in the home for your pets, they would stay away from toilet water. You must check at least twice a day that their water bowl has enough to quench their thirst. If you ensure a non-toilet option for drinking water, your pets will use that.

Rinse off Dirty Pets Outside

When your dog rolls around in the mud and dirt, it gets soiled all over. Cleaning that mess of muddy, matted fur is not easy for you, just like that, it is also a plumbing nightmare. The mud and fur forms clumps and clogs in your drains and sticks around stubbornly, creating a lot of problems that would require the help of professional Surrey plumbers. To avoid the mishaps, it is recommended to wash and rinse off your pets outside.

Keep Harmful Cleaning Chemicals Out of Reach

Make sure the cleaning chemicals for bathroom and toilet are kept behind locked cabinets or high up to keep your pets out of harm’s way. If your pets can reach the cleaning chemicals, they could get seriously sick. You must about potentially harmful drain cleaners in the first place. They can damage your plumbing as well. Get your piping cleaned by a professional plumber in Surrey regularly rather than using chemicals

Even if your loving pets cause any plumbing trouble, there is no reason to worry. Keep the contacts of your vet and professional Surrey plumbers in the speed dial to cope up with any unforeseen situation with ease.

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