Best Plumbing Tips To Prepare For A Freezing Winter

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If you are preparing for the cold wintry months in Surrey City, Canada, then it is advisable to prepare your home to tackle the icy weather with some smart plumbing tips. As the lovely fall season gives way to winter, make sure that all your plumbing issues related to gutters, faucets, pipes, and drains are sorted out. Doing periodic maintenance by hiring professional Surrey plumbers can help you face the chilly months later on. Freezing temperatures ahead may require you to look for reliable and fully experienced plumbers who know how to keep your home and outdoor space safe and secure.

Let us study some of the best plumbing ideas for homeowners in Surrey:

  • Hose pipes – Garden hoses can be stowed away in your shed, basement or attic. As you disconnect the hose, remember to drain all the water and keep it in a warm place that doesn’t ideally freeze out during the cold climate. If you leave water in the garden hoses, they can freeze and break the hose pipe.
  • Sewer system – For proper working of the sewer system, it is essential to conduct regular maintenance. Local plumbers in Surrey can be contacted to do the necessary inspection and carry out corrective repair works.
  • Water heater – The yearly repair and inspection of your water heater is necessary if you want optimum efficiency. So, save money on your winter utility bills and increase the durability of your water heaters by hiring best quality plumbing in Surrey.
  • Hose bib – Turn off the hose bib and its continuous water supply before the onset of winter. A leaking, faulty or frost-prone hose bib can add to your future plumbing problems. If you do not turn it off properly, water may freeze and cause the pipes to expand and burst. A professional and experienced plumber in Surrey can work on a new hose bib installation or repair the faulty ones.
  • Sump pump – Safeguard your home against natural calamities like storm or tornados by repairing the sump pump. Make sure the pump is in good working condition to withstand heavy rain and stormy weather.
  • Outdoor faucets – Keep all your outdoor faucets leak-free. Turn off their power supply from the interior valve in the basement. Protect the faucets using foam covering.
  • Gutter – Clean the gutters using tools like shovel and broomsticks, to get rid of damp leaves and other dirty debris.
  • Indoor faucets – Do not forget to check all your indoor home faucets and other plumbing fixtures such as toilets, kitchen sinks, and bathroom shower heads.

Performing such simple maintenance tasks during the fall period can save you from facing inconvenient plumbing issues. The above-mentioned plumbing tips can help homeowners to spend their winter months in relative comfort. A broken pipe or neglected hose bib can mess-up the entire plumbing system.

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