All You Need to Know About the Bathroom ‘Grout Crack’

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Cracks in your bathroom may develop in the joints where the bathroom wall meets the shower, floor or tub. The crack could appear due to age or could be due to the installation of tile or during the mixing of the grout. First of all, you must find out the root cause of why the grout cracks and how it must be repaired and when should it be replaced.

Why Do the Grout Cracks Develop?

The key cause for the development of the grout cracks in the bathroom in the joints due to the movement between the two surfaces. Houses move constantly in small increments due to temperature, humidity, foundation settling as well as other factors. Cracks could develop in the bathroom when the bathtub moves in one direction and the tile wall in another direction.

In case the grout is not mixed properly and there are too many additives or water, there could be air pockets after the complete drying of the grout. This leads to the grout becoming brittle and weak, which leads to the development of cracks.

Grout could even crack if less amount of adhesive is made use of for installing the tiles. After the drying up of the adhesive if the tile pulls away, then it is the task of the grout to keep the tile in place and in doing so the stress that develops causes the development of the cracks.

What is the Solution In the Case of a Couple of Isolated Cracked Grout Areas?

If there are only a couple of isolated areas of the ‘cracked grout’, you could carry out the repair work all by yourself. In case the grout is crumbling, it would not take a lot of effort, but in case the grout is not coming out easily, you need to make use of the ‘grout removal’ tool or a ‘grout saw’ for completing the task. You could vacuum the grout crack in order to capture the dust which is left behind. If you do not have the required tools, you could hire the help of the professional plumbers in Surrey.

The next step is choosing a replacement that has fewer chances to crack, such as silicone caulk. The key benefit of making use of the caulk is its flexibility. If the cracks develop due to shifting of surfaces a line of the caulk could survive where the grout failed. You must select a shade which matches that of the existing grout. While selecting the caulk, it should be of the mildew-proof caulk type that is designed to be used in the wet environments.

The application of the caulk requires a certain level of expertise and it may not possible for an amateur homeowner to carry out. Thus it is a good idea to hire the help of competent plumbers to ensure the task is carried out effectively.

However, if the grout problem is widespread and brought about by a major problem in the underlying installation, you need to have the condition assessed by an adept plumber.

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