How to Avoid Loss of Water Pressure in the Shower?

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Loss of pressure of water in the shower could be annoying especially when you need to rinse the soap and shampoo from the body and hair. You could prevent this common problem by finding the root cause of it.

Limitations of the Pressure Balancing Valve

If a shower is equipped with a ‘pressure balancing’ valve which has a single handle or knob for controlling the flow and temperature of water, there is a risk of interruption of water pressure because of the nearby fixtures. This kind of a valve mixes both the cold and hot water at a specific pressure level. When you flush the toilet, the cold water diverts for refilling the tank that leads to a drop in the pressure in ‘cold water’ line.

The ‘pressure balancing’ valve takes some time to adjust which causes the water to become hot as the valve does not get the ‘cold water’ it requires. Subsequently, the water valve adjusts by lowering the pressure from ‘hot water’ line and this result in a general drop in the pressure. However, you can avoid this problem by using a ‘thermostatic mixing’ valve which provides separate controls for the pressure and water temperature.

If you consider using this valve, you can call one of the reputed plumbers and tell him to replace your valves with the ‘thermostatic mixing’ valves.

Faulty Functioning of the Diverter Valve

If there is a shower and bathtub combo in your toilet, there could be the diverter valve equipped with a switch or knob, which diverts the water from a bathtub faucet to a showerhead. This type of valve could break or malfunction after a couple of years of operation. This could result in the valve unable to open for sending high water pressure up to a showerhead.

You could solve this problem by calling up an experienced plumber who can confirm the diagnosis and upgrade your valve to a diverter valve.

Obstructed or Broken Pipe

Another common cause of a drop in the ‘shower pressure’ is the broken pipe as the resulting leakage can cause massive damage to the area of the house which is not visible. Thus, if you hear the sound of water running when not expected or in case of any water dripping or ‘water stain’, you must shut off the water supply from the main valve and then call a competent plumber right away.

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