Some Specific Summer Plumbing Issues

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With the summers here, you may be gearing up for afternoon parties and backyard barbecues. At the same time, you must cater some attention to the plumbing system at your home. The warm weather brings with it a number of plumbing problems. As a homeowner, you must be aware of such issues and know the means to avoid them. Plumbing services in Surrey help you to readily solve plumbing issues in no time. Read the common problems that can occur in your house this summer.


  • Toilet Clogs: The household toilets get used more in the summers. Teach your children to make use of toilet paper modestly. They are to flush only when they use the bathroom actually. Common clogs can be easily cleared with a plunger. However, if the clog is complex then you may need the plumber’s help.
  • Sprinkler Issues: Do inspect and clean the sprinkler heads before summer starts. Lower the sprinkler heads when you mow the lawn. This prevents them from being damaged.
  • Backups Of Sewer Line: Sewers tend to backup at the time of storms and also during rains when the ground gets saturated. To avoid the worst problems, get your sewers serviced before the summers. Plumbers in Surrey often recommend the installation of drain plug to the homeowners. This helps to prevent the water from backups during storms.
  • Clogged Disposal: You need to be very careful about the disposal of waste food. Although, the produce is organic but it is not at all good for the in-sink disposal of garbage at your home. You need to be extra careful when you get rid of hard vegetables and fruits like corn or watermelon. They can cause harm to the blades of your disposal unit. This can result in stubborn clogs. The garbage disposal units also get damaged when you pour dirty cooking oil in the drain. Allow cold water to run through the unit for sometime after and before use. This helps to clear out any remaining food in the system.
  • Maintenance of Washing Machine: During the summer season, your washing machine is put to greater workout. This specially happens when you have children going to school. Time spent at beaches and pools increase the amount of laundry. Thus, the machine goes through a lot of stress during this time. You should make it a point to stay at home when the machine is in operation. This is beneficial if there is a sudden problem and you can quickly call an expert to handle it. Move your machine a little away from the wall so that the hose does not kink.


The simple tips mentioned above can help you to save on your water bill and prevents any disaster at home. Even if you notice some serious issue, there is nothing to panic as you easily get a reliable plumber in Surrey to help you out.


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