Five Things That Can Lead to a Major Plumbing Emergency Situation

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Household issues often arrive stealthily and you notice them a little too late. Similarly, problems in plumbing at your home do not usually happen overnight. At times, a small negligence or mistake on your part can lead to big plumbing issues.  A minor dripping problem or leakage can result in heavy damage. Moreover, plumbing issues result in mold growth, which affects health quality and air quality too.

Let us go through some of the potential causes of bigger plumbing issues at your home, so that they can be taken care of at the right time.

  • Improper Drain Maintenance – When you have numerous household chores to complete, you sometimes forget to clean or rinse the oily grease around the kitchen drain. Such greasy leftovers can block the flow of water and cause problems. Therefore, it is important to maintain a clean drain area at all times.
  • Choking of Toilet – If you tend to use the toilet as a convenient garbage disposal spot, you may soon have to face a plumbing emergency. Be very careful about what goes in the toilet, as some objects like sanitary pads or tissue papers, when flushed down the toilet hole do not dissolve and get stuck up somewhere in the sewage pipe line of the house, clogging up the entire drain system.
  • Early Warning SignsDrains do not get damaged all of a sudden. Small issues when ignored by the house owner can develop into fully-blown plumbing issues. When your sewage pipe or kitchen pipe is clogged with rubbish, t you can hear some strange gurgling sounds. Another handy clue is that the water passes very slowly through a choked-up drainage system. You may also find water seeping through the bottom of the sink area, in such cases. All these are signs indicating that all is not well with your drainage system.
  • Overuse of Cleaning Agents – During a plumbing emergency, you may often feel tempted to use DIY techniques rather than calling a professional plumber. That can further complicate the issue. For example, if you try to clear clogged drains with drain cleaners or chemical agents, it can lead to corrosion of the sewage pipes causing major leakages. Such excessive cleaning can also kill the waste-eating bacteria that are present in septic tanks.
  • Neglected Hair Falling– Surprisingly, neglecting the health of your hair can lead to badly maintained bathroom. Falling of hair can generate problems such as clogging up the drain pipes near the shower area. It is always better to use a shower strainer before taking a bath and clean up the bathroom after bathing.

Regular drain maintenance and hiring a good plumber in Surrey is an ideal solution. All the above-mentioned plumbing issues can be handled by an expert plumbing service technician. If you are searching for reliable and professional plumbing services in Surrey, contact 911 Plumbing Heating Drainage Ltd. We offer emergency services with an expert plumbing team visiting for a home inspection. We offer a detailed assessment of your drainage issues and also ensure quick and efficient solution.

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