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A water heater is a vital component in your home. Having a functioning and well maintained water heater is essential if you want your home to have a continuous supply of hot water with minimal complications. However, a time will come when a problem with your unit may occur. If you’re experiencing leaks, lack of hot water, or anything similar, a professional should be contacted to perform a full inspection.

When you’re seeking assistance with your water heater, contact 911 Plumbing Heating Drainage, LTD. Our professional plumbers understand how to repair your unit, service it, and replace it if necessary. We use only top of the line equipment and products when servicing your home. Trust us for all of your Kelowna water heater services today.

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What are common water heater problems and solutions?

Water heaters run into four common problems that are obvious to most homeowners. You will notice the heater making a strange noise when it is pumping water. You may hear a sputtering sound when the heater is pumping water, or you may get cold water in the shower.

Water heaters also leak easily. If you notice a water leak coming from your unit, you need to make sure you have it repaired quickly. Plumbers can plug leaks, repair the inner components of the appliance, and test the appliance to make sure it is putting out hot water.

Do you need to replace your unit?

Your water heater runs into three major problems that could cause it to be replaced. Water heater leaks, rust, and malfunction all cause replacement. Leaks in the heater cannot always be patched. Rust on the heater could be so deep that it cannot be removed, and malfunctioning parts could damage the interior of the unit.

When your plumber finds these problems on your water heater, they are going to recommend that you replace the unit.

Why is professional maintenance important?

When you have a professional plumber visit your home once or twice a year, they can inspect the water heater to ensure it is still functioning properly. Likewise, the plumber can spot any problems not easily detected by the average homeowner. This also prevents minor problems from escalating and getting worse.

In addition, professional maintenance ensures that everything replaced or repaired is done correctly.

The water heater in your home is not a unit that you repair or service on your own. A trained and experienced plumber has the appropriate knowledge and tools to service your unit. A plumber can also provide you with helpful maintenance tips you can do on your own so that the services remain long term.

Letting your water heater sit for even one day with a problem could cause it to leak catastrophically or fail entirely. If you ever notice issues with your water heater, you should immediately contact us at (250) 801-0911 for assistance.