Winter Plumbing Problems that Cannot be Overlooked

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Snow can affect the plumbing system of your house to a great extent. From frozen or burst pipes, faulty water heaters to blocked kitchen drains are some of the common winter plumbing issues people face when the temperature drops. If you face such a problem you should hire proficient plumbing services in Surrey. Here are some common winter plumbing issues that plumbers face during the winter months.

  • Bursting of the Frozen Pipes: The external water pipes are prone to expanding, freezing and bursting during the cold winter months causing massive damage to a house. If you face such a problem in your home in Surrey, the first thing you should do is turn off the supply of water to your house. The next thing to do is to call up a professional plumber in Surrey, who has the expertise to assess your water pipe condition fast, replace the burst pipes and offer you suggestions on the required restoration process.
  • Breakdown of the ‘Hot Water’ Heaters: When it is very cold outside, hot water heaters are used to their maximum limit such as for laundry, washing dishes, bathing and much more causing them to function improperly. In such a condition you should take the professional help of plumbers. They have the expertise in all kinds of plumbing-related problems and would be able to repair your water heater in no time.
  • Clogged Kitchen Drains: Food waste, cooking oil or grease can clog the water pipes and it can be a real task clearing the blocked pipes with home-concocted drainage products, snake plungers, and any other plumbing tools that can help to clear the clogged pipes. When all your DIY efforts fail, the best thing to do is to avail professional plumbing services in Surrey. The professional plumbers have the right set of tools, knowledge, expertise, and experience to clear clogged drains or pipes in a jiffy.
  • Breakdown of Plumbing System: Stagnant water in the pipes can freeze and result in the blockage of the water pipes with ice. This gradually leads to build up of pressure within the pipes causing breakdown or leakage in the plumbing system. In such a situation you should avail professional help. To save your plumbing system, disconnect the water hoses and drain lines before the outside temperature drops appreciably.

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