Why Should You Never Ignore Slab Leaks?

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In case you face slab leaks at your home, you might be getting into some serious plumbing issues. Slab leaks are quite hazardous and when ignored, can result in worsening the situation even more. Now whether your home is having a slab leak or not, can never get diagnosed by any normal person.

You require professional plumbers to detect the hidden issue. However, if you find damp spots or can hear the sound of water running under the floor, then these are signs that you may be having slab leaks and it is time for plumbing repair.

When Do You Face Slab Leaks?

The reasons for slab leak can be multiple in numbers. It can be due to outdoor factors like rainfall or due to internal reasons for the house like leaks and damages. During rainfall, there is an expansion in the ground that lies beneath your house, and after that it also shrinks when the water dries out.

The concrete that gets used in building the ground is not the breathable material. Thus, the contraction and expansion that takes place might result in cracks and breakages. These outdoor factors often result in slab leaks. Apart from this, there are also many internal factors like cooking, cloth dyers, bathrooms, etc. that causes slab leaks.

Why Should Homeowners Take Care Of Slab Leaks?

When you leave the slab leak at your home untreated, there might be some minor issues that crop up initially. However, with time, these issues begin to expand and can even get worse. You can end up spending a lot of money in case the slab leak does not get attended by experts on time. Your family members might also be under risk when such issues crop up in the house. Listed below are some of the worsening consequences of an ignored slab leak:

  • Unusual increase in the water bills monthly.
  • The electricity bills also go up at a drastic rate as the use of the HVAC system increases quite a lot due to the humid weather inside the house.
  • As the water and moisture effect inside the house keeps on increasing, there can be the growth of mildew and molds. This results in odor issues and can also bring about serious health problems in both kids and adults.
  • Most importantly, as the quality of the soil deteriorates, there is intense pressure created on the foundation of the house which can get compromised to a great extent. This can surely result in massive respiring costs.

So, you see there is no alternative to getting professional help related to plumbingĀ in Surrey when there is a slab leak in your house. Call upon the best plumbers at 911 Plumbing Heating Drainage LTD. to attend to your emergency plumbing issues immediately. We have licensed and experienced professionals working for us who ensure 100% satisfaction to the customers. The experts aim at offering personalized plumbing services with honest assessments of the issues.

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