Why is Your Toilet Not Flushing Properly?

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When the toilet flush absolutely stops working, you already know that something is wrong. Maybe, that’s the time when you need to call a plumbing emergency service. However, at times, your toilet might smell weird because of the flush, despite working slower. Maybe, your flush does not work absolutely fine like it used to, before. And, this leads you to flush for multiple times. While things are simply not in your hands, you can figure it out. Let’s see how!

Reasons Why Toilet Does Not Flush Enough

  • Not Enough Water?

If you find that you do not have enough water, then congratulations! You do not require calling a plumber. When there’s not enough water, the tank in your toilet does not contain enough water. Releasing water in plenty would generate suction to flush your toilet. And when the tank, itself, does not have enough water, there is not necessary water while flushing.

  • Something Wrong with the Lift Chain or Flapper?

At the bottom of your toilet tank, there’s a rubber cup-like structure. It is the flapper that covers the drain from the tank to the bowl. The lift chain attaches atop the flapper and a metal arm at two ends.

After pulling the handle, the arm rises and brings the chain with it. The chain, on the other hand, holds the flapper. While flushing, it allows the water of the tank to enter inside the bowl. In case the flapper is loose or damaged, it might limit a lot of water to enter into the bowl, thus creating a weak flush.

  • Partial Clogs in the Pipe

The obvious reason for the weak flush is apparently something very common. Most often, you will find debris and other waste products from clogs in the pipe. These clogs might not stop the water flow entirely. However, these might be one reason why your flush gets weaker and slower.

When the partial clogs hinder flushing, it results in an incomplete flush. In a couple of cases, it gets worse when people see water returning through the drain. You can always use a flange plunger in order to improve the water flow. But, if it does not work, you need professional assistance from Surrey plumbers. Given that partial clogs tend to be stubborn, a professional team offers an ultimate solution.

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