What Do The Sounds Coming From The House Means?

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Most of the time, people ignore the little things happening around them. Have you ever paid attention to the sounds coming out from the walls and around the house? If you have not yet, then you should! You can guess what is happening beyond the vision by listening to the various sounds. Houses make sounds; it is natural. But the sounds are not natural all the time.

In most cases, the strange sounds like screeching and banging are caused by plumbing issues. Here you will learn about the various plumbing sounds and their probable causes. Keep hearing out to know when you must call the plumber to avoid any plumbing emergency.

Some of the common plumbing sounds and their causes are listed as follows:


Sometimes when you turn on the water, you may hear a loud banging noise. This is also known as water hammer. Such sound occurs when a closed valve suddenly stops the flow of water through the pipe. This kind of noise indicates damage being done to the pipes. You must get it fixed; otherwise, the pipeline joints may get loose and damaged.


When the drainage gets blocked by clogs, you may encounter gurgling in the drains. Also, if there is a problem with the drain vents, you will hear this kind of sound whenever you use any of the drains. The best plumbing services in Surrey offer drain vents replacements.


When water flows through them, the pipes always shake a little bit. But the shaking sounds are mostly minimal, not loud enough to notice. In case you come across louder shaking sounds, there must be a problem. Most likely, the mounting straps securing the pipes have loosened. You should get plumbing repair done soon to avoid further problems.


Sound of screeching valve is unpleasant and annoying at times. Such a case occurs due to loose and defective parts in the faucet. Sometimes when you turn on the faucet, you hear a high pitched screech before the water runs. Getting rid of this problem is easy. You can get the faulty faucet replaced by simply calling a plumber in Surrey.

Apart from the above-listed sounds, there may be other types of sounds, as well. You should not overlook these noises. If not repaired in time, defected plumbing can give rise to serious problems like clogging, leakage and backflow of wastewater.

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