Suggestions to Prevent the Choking of the Kitchen Pipe

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During the festive season, homeowners take all the measures to solve the electrical and plumbing problems of their house. Whether it is Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter, homeowners spend a lot of time in their kitchens preparing elaborate meals that the festivals demand. As a result, they make sure that their kitchens are in optimum working condition with no clogged drains and backed-up sinks during the festivities.  To fix the problems of leaking water pipes and clogged kitchen drains, they should avail plumbing services in Surrey and ensure their kitchens are functioning optimally.

Here are suggestions for keeping your kitchen pipe unclogged:

  • Avoid Pushing Waste Down the Drains: Make a habit of discarding the food waste such as fibrous vegetables, starchy foods, fruit seeds etc. into the garbage cans. If this waste enters the water pipe, they form an entangled mesh, which attracts further debris resulting in the formation of a big clog. Hence it is advised to use the garbage cans for discarding food waste to avoid clogging the drains.
  • Use the ‘Drain Mesh’: It is essential to have the drain mesh for preventing the unwanted food material from being pushed down the water pipes. By doing so, you can effectively avoid clogging the water pipes.
  • Run the Faucet and Garbage Disposal Together: Make sure to run the faucet while disposing of your garbage. This would permit you to disintegrate the food particles and make the process of garbage disposal much easier. If solid food debris gets deposited without any water, there are higher chances of the water pipes getting choked. If your drain gets choked you should avail the professional help of the Surrey plumbers.
  • Prevent Sticking of the Fats and Grease Inside Kitchen Pipes: It is essential to ensure that grease and fats do not stick to kitchen pipes. Solid grease can stick inside pipes causing their blockage. Hence ensure that oily foodstuff does not enter your kitchen pipes to result in the clogging of drains and water pipes.
  • Do not Use Strong Chemical Cleaners: It is best to avoid using store-bought cleaners. Most of the cleaners are harsh and can damage water pipes causing leaks. Hence, instead of using powerful chemical cleaners, you should hire plumbers in Surrey.

For the various types of plumbing problems avail plumbing services in Surrey. We offer a host of plumbing services which include remodeling of kitchens or bathrooms, drain cleaning, hydro jetting, repiping, faucet fixing, installing and repairing of tubs, showers, water heaters etc. We even offer our services for repairing cracked pipes, water filtration systems, tankless heaters, garbage disposals, sewers etc. Our skilled plumbers are effectively trained for the task and are available 24/7 to assist you. Seek our services by calling (604) 679-8000. We look forward to helping you.

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