When Do You Require Faucet Repairs and How Should You Undertake Them?

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Faucets for water delivery comprise essential components of your plumbing systems at home or in offices. With major advances in plumbing technologies in recent years, faucets now incorporate a larger assembly of elemental units, thus, making their installations and repairs seem complicated to an untrained individual.

Basically, today`s faucets are composed of the following units, namely, a spout, handle, a lifting rod, the diverter valve, an aerator, a cartridge, the mixing chamber, and water inlets. In case of an issue with any of these, your faucets may leak, make unusual noises, or you may notice decreased water pressure. Thereafter, you are necessitated to undertake plumbing repair at the earliest.

The Most Common Faucet Issues and How to Deal With Them

Lowered Water Pressure: Usually, when you notice decreased pressure in your faucet`s water delivery, it indicates that there might be a snag in either, the diverter valve or its aerator. The diverter valve is a miniscule piece of equipment that regulates your faucet`s water flow.

It is possible that the valve is clogged with debris or mineral deposits. In such a case, it is advisable to clean the valve using a small brush, and a mild cleaning liquid or vinegar. A clogged aerator may also lead to a similar problem of low water pressure. The aerator can then be cleaned in a way similar to the diverter valve.

However, if your faucet`s valve or aerator is irreversibly damaged or if a faulty water supply system is responsible for the low pressure, you need to avail the services of professional Plumbers in Surrey.

 Water Sprays from Faucets: If your faucet sprays off a mist of water when you turn it on, you can attribute the issue to a clogged aerator. You can clean it with a cloth and vinegar to remove the entangled debris and deposits.

Another possible source of the problem may be a worn-down or misaligned washer for the aerator. In that case, you need to reinstall the washer and check. If the problem still persists, you require professional plumbing repair to replace your aerator with a new one.

Leaks from the Faucet`s Handle: This is, arguably, the most common faucet issue faced by homeowners. The most frequent cause of this is a loose packing nut for the handle, which has to be tightened to resolve the issue. However, when this problem is accompanied by rigidness in the handle, your faucet may have a damaged cartridge that needs to be replaced. Thereafter, the cartridge`s O-Rings should be replaced and lubricated with silicone grease after re-installation.

Squeaking Noises: These noises are most frequently heard while turning off your faucets. The most convenient solution would be to install an air chamber to negate the water hammer. If noises persist even after installing an air chamber, then the diverter valve may need a fresh washer or your water supply line may require pressure correction. Plumbing services in Surrey by professional plumbers would be of great help in this regard.

Water Dripping Down the Spout: This issue stems from a damaged valve seat or a worn out seat washer. It commonly gets resolved after you replace these units with new ones.

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