Prevention Of Sewage Backup

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Sewage backups are a great threat to sanitation and hygiene of the people. With the clogged drains and sewage, the health is high at the stakes. Sewage backup is the host of bacteria like Salmonella, E. coli, Hepatitis and many more. These bacteria are the causes of diarrhea, infections and multiple organ failures. Prevention of sewage backups is an important thing to do. Following are a number of ways by which sewage backups can be avoided.

Using Standpipes

A standpipe is a normal pipe which is held in the ground drain and is bounded by a watertight seal made of rubber. The excess amount of water flows into the pipe and does not accumulate on the floor unless the depth of the backup is more than the length of the pipe. When there is no more a flood alert, you can remove the standpipe and allow the excess water to drain.

Installing Floor Drain Plugs

Drain plugs have a one-way property and can be fixed under the floor drain grills that avoid water to enter when the sewers are overloaded. When the sewer conditions are back to normal, a distinct float is disabled so that the water can flow out through the opening. Being comparatively low-priced, one-way plugs are often the modest preventive solution.

Don’t Eliminate Grease Through Sinks

Sewage backup happens often due to clogged drains. It is advisable that you must not pour the cooking waste such as thick gravy, oil, vegetable peels and more wastes of the kind down the sink. This leads to a drain blockage and sewage backup. It is not capable of the pipes to allow the flow of any substance through it. Therefore, you must be careful about the disposal of waste in the drain.

Don’t Dispose Off In The Toilet

The most common reason for sewage backups due to clogged drains are noticed in the toilets because people often dispose of the wrong items in the toilet. Flushing down diaper, toilet paper, sanitary pads, tampons, and other items are not recommended. The bulkiness of these products is not suitable for the toilet drains and they get stuck.

Schedule Periodic Drainage Inspection

It is rightly stated that prevention is always better than the treatment. Risking your health is not justified by any reason and that is why you should schedule periodic drainage inspection at your place. It ensures the sanitation and hygiene of your house and also treats any problem that was in the buildup.

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