How To Fix Low Water Pressure When You Have A Well System?

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If your home gets the water supply from a good system, then there is a high probability that you experience low water pressure. When the flow rate of water reduces, a lot of day to day chores get hampered. Living with it may seem miserable at times. But you do not have to worry anymore. Give this blog a read to know what the best Surrey plumbers have to say about it.

You can improve the water pressure at your home and increase the flow-rate by implementing the methods listed below. These methods are tested and verified by the best plumbers in Surrey.

Get Your Pressure Tank Serviced

The ideal water pressure at home is between 40 and 60 psi. Get the water pressure at your home checked. If it is below the average, you should put effort to get this number improved. The steps for doing it are listed below:

  • Turn the circuit for the well pump off.
  • Test the pressure in the air fill valve using an air pressure gauge.
  • If the pressure is about 40 psi or less, increase it. Adjust the pressure switch located on the pipe that connects the pressure tank with the well.
  • Turn the circuit on.
  • Open a faucet to test the pressure of water.
  • If the result is not satisfying, readjust the pressure by repeating the previous steps.

Have Your Pipes Checked

With years of usage, a lot of sediments keep accumulating in the pipes. This build-up of dirt, minerals, and other particles keep piling up and often clog your plumbing. Homes having hard water are prone to this problem.

This accumulated sediments can damage your pipes and disrupt the smooth flow of water. However, such an issue can be easily resolved by the help of the right plumbing services in Surrey. Get your pipes checked and cleaned. You can also opt for a water softener or get your existing water softener serviced, upon the advice of the plumbers.

Install A Constant Pressure System

You can get increased water pressure at your home by installation of a constant pressure system. This is installed on your water line which and prevents dropping of the water pressure even when multiple faucets and fixtures are in use. If you are unsure about installing a constant pressure system, you can also opt for water pressure booster pumps. Get in touch with the local Surrey plumbers for the right advice.

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