Hidden Signs Your Home is Asking You to Summon a Plumber

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Plumbing issues can run the spectrum from a puny and fixable to a serious and expensive, and many times it can be really difficult to figure out the differences. Sometime, you might fail to understand that there is an issue in the first place.

Here some of the serious signs of plumbing issues in your house, which need to be taken care of by a professional plumber.

Slow Drainage

There comes a time, when every shower or sink gets subjected to slow drainage triggered by built-up debris like soap scum or hair. However, when the pipes in your house become faces slow drainage, there is a possibility that that main sewer line is clogged as well. This is looked upon as a plumbing emergency, so if you are suspecting of clogged sewer line, you must call a plumber immediately.

Brown Spots on Your Ceiling

Brown spots on your ceiling are beyond being ugly and can be a serious sign that there is a direct water leak above. Before you consider ceiling repair, ensure to figure out the leak source and fix it first by Surrey plumbers.

Rattling Pipes

Besides the sound of rushing water, your pipes must not make any noise. However, if you get to hear rattling sounds inside your pipe, moments after you have shut down your valve. Be sure that is a ‘water hammer’. Water hammers occur when the water flow stops abruptly or alters the direction, leading to a shock wave that can cause banging noises and trigger the loose pipes to rattle. Some of the reasons behind rattling pipes are high water pressure, poorly secured house pipes, etc.

Foul Odours from the Drain

You might be aware that a lot of bacteria hang out in your bathroom and kitchens and to your surprise can lead to some foul odor. But a persistent foul odor rising from the drains could be a warning sign of a break or bock in the sewer line.

Shocking Water Bills

Unless you have a clear knowledge of the additional water usage, a rising water bill is a simple sign that is a major leaking in your house plumbing system. If you come across a sudden and unexplained rise in your water bill, summon a plumber to look into the leaks.

In case of any of these warning signs, you need to seek help from Surrey plumbers. At 911 Plumbing and Heating Ltd, we are a team of experts who deal with all your plumbing issues with sheer excellence. Our areas of expertise are remodeling of kitchen and bathroom, repairing of burst pipes, installation, and fixing of tankless water heater, shower tubes, garbage installation disposal, etc. To get in touch with a team of experienced, licensed, and trained Surrey plumbers, dial-up (604) 679-8000, and get your plumbing system diagnosed in a jiffy.


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