Dos and Don’ts for Repiping Your Plumbing System

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Tired of everyday repairs of some part of your plumbing system? Your piping system tends to give away little by little every day? Think of how long these pipes have been servicing the place? The pipes will begin by rusting and corroding and one fine day spring a leak. Maybe it is high time you consider a complete repiping of your plumbing system. You will have to consult and hire a good plumbing service in Surrey. But before that, let us figure out if your system actually requires the repiping service or just major repairs will solve the problem.

Indicators You Cannot Overlook

Usually, there are some indicators around the place that give you enough evidence you need to decide on a repiping system. Here are the signs that you need to identify:

  1. Material: This is your first step towards inspecting the plumbing system – what material are your pipes made of? Every material has a lifespan and then it requires to be replaced. There are usually two main functions the pipes fulfill i.e. supply and drainage.

Supply pipes transport clean water into the house which means they bear more pressure than their counterparts. Here is a list of common materials that are used for supply pipes and their life span:

  • Brass and galvanized steel: 80 – 100 years
  • Copper: 70 – 80 years

Drain pipes, on the other hand, removes used water from the house. Usually materials used are:

  • PVC: 24 – 40 years
  • Cast iron: 80 – 100 years
  1. Wrong Material: Polybutylene pipes were commonly used from 1970s to 1990s. They give away too easily and if not changed, might create a bigger problem. In case you have moved into a home recently or been in a home but only lately found out that your piping system is made from polybutylene or lead, you need to consider repiping the entire system irrespective of how old it is. Lead tends to percolate into the water, in case of a lead pipe. This is harmful because lead is a toxic material.
  1. Leaks: Multiple leaks keep showing up which is a clear indicator that the other pipes will soon need your attention. This is because all the pipes are generally installed at the same time.
  1. Colored water: If you are experiencing an altered color of the water that flows out of your pipe, it is time to have a closer look at your pipes. This indicates that your pipes are rusted and that rust is contaminating your water. Note that rust can also be a result of a rusted water heater or water tank, so do your inspection carefully.
  1. Visible corrosion: Do a closer inspection on any exposed pipe in the basement of your building. If you are able to spot discoloration, dimpling or flaking of the pipes, it indicates corrosion.

You now need to consult a plumbing company in Surrey to conduct a more comprehensive inspection on your system and give you the final verdict. You can dial (604) 679-8000 and book an appointment with one of our experts at 911 Plumbing Heating Drainage, LTD. We use the latest piping technology – PEX pipes as well as state of the art equipment to carry out a flawless job.

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