Common Shower Repair Issues You Need to Know About

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In homes, showers are important fixtures. This offers you a relaxation of around 10 minutes from a hectic day. However, in case it does not work in the right manner or fails, it might be annoying. To ensure the proper working of the shower, it is essential to pay attention to the common shower issues. Here are few shower repair issues for which you can hire a plumber in Kelowna and restore efficient working

  • Bad Odor

There can be numerous reasons behind the bad odor in the shower. Generally, standing mold from the water leaks or clogs causes a bad smell. In case you encounter a bad odor, it is advised to check for clogs and ventilate the bathroom. If this does not work, call the plumber right away to fix the issue.


  • Clogs

One of the most common problems faced by homeowners is clogs in the shower. When soap, hair, dirt, or any item drops in the drain accidentally, it results in clogs. In case there is a smaller clog, you can run some vinegar and baking soda down the drain to fix the problem. However, the clog is larger, you might need to use the plumbing snake. Rather than doing fixing this on your own, consider calling an expert. With the help of specialized tools, the Kelowna plumbers would remove the deep clogs.


  • Leaky Faucet

In case you encounter a leak in the shower faucet, you might require new seals, rings, or gaskets. In case you do not have the knowledge of shower faucets, consider taking the help of an expert for the job. Though the gaskets and seal replacement is inexpensive, selecting the matching pieces might be difficult.  


  • Inadequate Pressure

Nothing can be more frustrating than a shower having inadequate low pressure. Generally, if a shower does not have the required pressure, there might be a problem with the faucet. To fix the problem with the faucet, you can call a plumber for the installation of a high-flow faucet. However, if the faucet is ok, there could be dirt and silt in the water pipes. For restoring the normal water flow you would need a plumber who can clean the pipes.


  • Rattling Pipes

Adjusting the mixing valve is an ideal solution to fix the issue of rattling pipes. However, it is advised to be extra cautious while adjusting a mixing valve as any mistake could lead to thermal shock. In case you do not know how to adjust the valve, consider hiring an expert for the job.

Apart from these, a noisy shower is also a major issue that needs to be inspected by a plumber. It is common to hear the sound of streaming water. However, in case your shower makes strange noises, you need a plumber. To get your shower checked, you can get in touch with 911 Plumbing Heating Drainage, Ltd. We have a team of experienced as well as licensed plumbers serving areas like Kelowna, West KelownaWest Bank Kelowna and Peachland. No matter whether it is two in the morning or afternoon, the experts would provide an immediate response.

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