When Do You Need To Repipe Your Home Plumbing?

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The plumbing system running all through your house is comprised of several components connected and operating together. Though there are practically hundreds of essential parts that make up the entire system, the connection is created by the most important thing – pipes. Also, when you hear the word plumbing does not the image of pipes pop up in your head? Without properly functioning pipes, the plumbing can collapse causing a total breakdown.

As important pipes are, unfortunately, most people tend to take their well-being for granted. Many homeowners forget the fact that pipes would not last for as long as the house. Almost every home, at some point in time, feels the need for calling the plumbers for repiping.

They are similar to the veins running through the body as for your home plumbing, so you must lookout for the signs that tell you it is high time for repiping. Let us go through the points stated by the most efficient plumbers in Surrey to know more about when to go for repiping.

Age Of Your House

When looking into the main determining factors, the age of the house is one of the prominent ones. An old house built many years ago most likely contains out-dated materials for pipes, such as galvanized steel. Houses constructed later, after the 1970s may contain copper pipes or the ones made of corrosion-resistant materials such as CPVC or PEX.

Homes built prior to the time of World War II certainly used older piping materials like galvanized steel, cast iron or even clay. Such antique plumbing system means the house is prone to a lot of leakage and sufferings. In such a case, extensive repiping is necessary for the usage of the house in future. Though complete repiping is a big step in terms of investment, it is essential for up keeping of the house. The necessity of repiping is directly proportional to the age of your house.

Frequency Of Plumbing Problems At Your Home

If the age factor of the house is not a concern, take notes of the plumbing health of your home. Keep track of every time you had to call the plumbers in Surrey to fix an issue. Also, arrange for leakage checks once every few years. If hidden extensive leaks are discovered you would likely need repiping.

Professional Repiping Services

When you are looking for a repiping service,  always go for the best professionals. Avoid employing rookies as any mistake in this part can cost you a lot. We at 911 Plumbing and Heating have a team of experienced personnel and provide superior services, from a single pipe replacement to extensive repiping work. Call us today to know more.

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